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Well they might look more realistic than the current neophalluses (phalli? Lol), which look revolting tbh. To answer your question no I don't think it will. Because that would be agreeing that sex really is just a collection of body parts and nothing more. Read the transmen sub's - they sound so female in all their (legit) concerns about dating men and pretty much everything else. I do believe in nurture but it doesn't make up for nature imo. I work with children. One parent so far has been raising her child gender-neutral, but so obvious he was a boy matching his AGAB. Same with an acquaintance - they weren't girls either. I hope in the very near future all this nonsense about only girls do X is unravelled and dropped. One transman actually thought being good at maths confirmed her maleness, among other things. It's pitiful and regressive.

Incidentally some men have phalloplasties apparently due to accidents and trauma and I have nothing but compassion for them