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I'm hoping this will be the wakeup call to shitlibs to re-examine their stance on transgenderism. This is a mental illness and needs to be treated as such. From the little we know about the shooter, this was a deeply unhappy person. The whole world cannot change to affirm your delusions.

On a related note, I am slightly amused at media for "deadnaming" this person and not using the preferred pronouns of he/them. Pretty much solidifies even they don't believe their own b.s. talking points: So let me get this right, a trans woman is a woman and a trans man is also woman? Basically, we have two categories now: men and non-men.

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Frankly from what I can tell, the corporate media is working to swiftly bury any mention of the shooter's trans identification. There can't be a wake-up call if people don't know about it.

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Keep saying that's a woman who identifies as a man. Let's call her "Tiffy", murderous "Tiffy", I don't know. but it needs to be remembered, she was not all right in her head and she was a gender crazy.