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I accept that one can surgically transition from being a man into being a mutilated man, and that if one regrets this one can have further surgery to go from mutilated man to hideously mutilated man.

But is it really helpful to call this "detransition", pay for it, and promote the idea that the initial mistake can be undone?

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Of course surgery cannot be completely undone. Sex reassignment surgery is never reversible. But some of the damage can be repaired, enough to allow women to live as women again, and men to live as men. You should look at their stories before passing judgement. People like Chloe Cole and "Watson".

Adding detransitioning to the bill was symbolic, of course. TRAs can only proceed by claiming that "gender identity" is permanent, fixed and innate, that nobody ever changes their mind, that there is no social contagion and certainly that pro-trans therapists and doctors never push kids into transitioning. So they have to deny the existence of detransitioning and make it as difficult as possible financially and socially for those who do detransition.

The reality-based community recognizes that:

  • gender identity is nonsense on stilts;
  • comorbidities (drug abuse, trauma, depression, mental illness, autism) is rife among young people transitioning;
  • social contagion and medical malfeasance is rife;
  • people do change their mind and realise that they have made a terrible mistake.

If we are going to encourage transitioning (and we shouldn't!) then the least we can do is help out the detransitioners too, and not just abandon then.

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