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Blair is typical 'trust me honey I'm nor like other men." And come ON now, it's hardly STUNNING AND BRAVE to say you're against raping children or saying women don't have to date/have sex with a troon. At best he's just another Judas Goat. And it's so patronizing. BlairDeeBoo is a classic 'that's mighty white of you' 'nice nazi"

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I agree that it's absolutely stupid to give someone like him praise for saying that you're against child abuse and saying women shouldn't have to date/sex with troons when it's like no duh, that's just common sense. He only comments on things that work in his favor of getting outward public approval but notice how he has remained absolutely silent on Kellie-Jay Keen and the #LetWomenSpeak event. He hasn't given any opinion on what he thinks about KJK, a loud prominent voice trying to organize and get all men (she doesn't play along calling him with she/her pronouns) out of women only spaces. And with #LetWomenSpeak he hasn't mentioned what he thinks about the TRAs who have assaulted and terrorized the women who attend.

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He'a the troon version of a PickMe crossed with a FuckMeOrElse. He's not like other trans, so us women better worship that chick's dick.

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I've never heard this term but that got a good chuckle out of me. But yes, it's apparent to those who pay attention that he doesn't care about women and girls and only cares about his own self-interest which is appearing reasonable on the surface speaking out against the more outwardly volatile TRAs but in reality, he still takes advantage of women only spaces with the belief he should be given special treatment.