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if you are a laboratory experiment then I guess you are what ever the mad scientist turns you into. If you are human then your are part of a species that has spread across the entire planet by reproducing sexually where copulation between a couple made up of one each of the two and only two sexes, male and female, is how babies are made. Nothing done in a lab can invalidate that simple obvious testable observation. The method of sexual reproduction involving two and only two sexes, male and female, is used by mammals and even plants.

Cells do not reproduce sexually. No mommy or daddy cells tell their adolescent cells about the cell-birds and the cell-bees. No daddy-cell fell in love with a mommy-cell and then you, baby-cell, came along to join the family. Cells have a different method of reproduction involving division and it is simply too simple for a species as a cell is not a full human. No cell is a full human, including you. You are free to try reproducing in that manner. Let us know how it goes.

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Can you please explain in a way that is not gross? The second part was very cringe to read.

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No. What you need to do is ask your mom, or your cell-mom, which ever you have, to take you outside and away from the internet. learn how to catch and throw a baseball.

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Wanted to ask "what is wrong with you people", but I already know the answer to that. Sigh

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What's right about us is we see through your bullshit even if you don't. Do you know what male and female mean yet? Do you realize your bullshit about cells is irrelevant? The list of links you probably didn't read are as relevant to what male and female mean as byzantine history is to changing the oil on a car.

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Isn't the concept behind the sub itself an indication of mental malfunction?

Rule #1 on the right is like a confession.

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I thought the main purpose of the sub was for team QT to test out and improve their sophistry as they try to keep the woke masses bamboozled. Rule 1 just looks like asking us to be polite but I lose patients with idiots quickly, as the above conversation talking to a rock with that is the OP demonstrate.

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What do you mean?

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IMO, it's a bad sign when your lexicon includes "non-slur" terms for sexual degeneracy. Since I'm making an effort to not blatantly break saidits main rules, I'll just leave it at that.

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To answer your question: no.

How about this: since every atom in the human body could also be in a platypus, does that mean every human is already also a platypus?