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I'm not sure but I think I got banned on nametheproblem for pointing out Pakistani rape gangs are a thing in the UK when of course everyone knows rich, western, white men are the most evil, misogynistic and rapey people in the world and of course the rate of violence is exactly the same in men all over the the world in every culture and saying otherwise is racist.

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Wow, i didn't imagine they would deny such thing, that's really astonishing

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I was banned a while ago for pointing out that some Jewish people use "anti-semitism" as a shield to protect themselves from valid criticism when someone else brought it up. I was also banned from GCdebatesQT for similar criticism of "anti-Semitism" when a mod made a post about an "anti-Semitism" policy on the sub. Another user in the same convo had their comments removed for saying that as a group Jewish people had taken advantage of American Black musicians, as a group.

I was also banned from ActualWomen (which claimed to be a place for all women to speak, regardless of background, political affiliation, etc) for making a post about how I didn't think homosexuality was real because of deceit in LGBT activism. Today I'm less sure that I was right about that, but I didn't say anything about hurting or denigrating anyone, just that I believed the dogma was not true and encouraged other women to free themselves of it.

some of my criticisms of GC ideological enforcement

And I don't like this lady's content, but I also want to point out that she was censored:

A record of my experience being censored and deplatformed by the moderators of the gendercritical subreddit for denouncing collaboration with right-wing anti-feminists

What's your take on makeup that they prevented me from seeing?

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Could you elaborate on your thoughts about homosexuality? I'm interested to understand more of what you mean by it being fake. Also I agree with you on how jewish people can shield themselves using the anti semitism card, but you can say that about any minority group bc that is a common way to deflect criticism.

My thoughts on make up that got my comments either downvoted or deleted were that women that wear makeup are not brainwashed idiots and that historically women being allowed access to makeup correlated to them having more rights and liberties, and that got them mad bc make up bad so yeah I also said that women don't wear makeup for men or male validation only and that I usually would put make up on to feel a bit better about myself if I was feeling down but yeah

Also i dont think bdsm as a whole is the devil

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you can say that about any minority group bc that is a common way to deflect criticism.

Yeah, you can say it about anyone I feel. "how dare you attack me/my group with that accusation!" And it can be used insidiously, and Jewish people as a group or groups probably have some nontrivial amount of influence, so it's important that women can criticize women who go around condemning "anti-semitism".

Your thoughts about makeup are pretty interesting. The culture I grew up in discouraged me from using it and I never really got into it or good at it. I felt betrayed when I found makeup in my mom's bathroom drawer lol! I had no idea having makeup correlated with women having more rights. And guys have had lots of fancy appearance stuff historically too, come to think of it, especially well-to-do men. Hmm.

I'm sad and angry that I didn't get to read your thoughts about makeup when I was reading GC.

Could you elaborate on your thoughts about homosexuality?

This got long, hope it's interesting. If it's more than you wanted feel free not to read.

tl;dr: homosexual rights activists hid parts of LGBT history including its connection to pederasty, and I don't know how much of what the LGBT dogma says is a lie. however maybe some of it is true, and I have a very incomplete knowledge of the history. I wish people could just talk about it openly.

It's a bit complicated, and I'm rethinking some things since I remembered about Dirt from Dirt's blog. She makes a strong case that there's something called biological homosexuality and that a huge number of people who do not have this trait are getting involved in homosexuality anyway, causing problems. She's not very nice lol. But it's interesting.

Previously, I think I still believe this, that a lot of stuff has been intentionally hidden about LGBT history. I think it started out in these communities where people were calling themselves "greek" (and "lesbian," as lesbos is a greek island, to go with it) after the pederasty tradition that existed in ancient greece. A guy who went by the pen name "Erastes Pill" (an "erastes" was the older male sexual role in ancient greek pederasty) and his friend wrote some guidelines about how to normalize homosexual stuff, you can look it up. Yes, a lot of the stuff is Christian ... when I was wondering about how to vote with the whole Gay Marriage thing, it looked like the only arguments against it only applied to people who were sure the Bible was right about everything, and it wasn't enough to convince me ... but the stuff they dig up is usable by anyone. And I think this stuff really has been hidden, and was hidden from me when I was deciding how to vote, probably intentionally just like they try to censor viewpoints about trans stuff now.

Anyway I think that stuff happened. And I am/was angry about it because it was intentionally deceptive, especially all the censorship of opposing views.

But what was going on in that scene? I don't know. Was it just some sort of weird sexually depraved cult thing? Was it a pedophile grooming club that kinda grew? Was it nice, and sweet, kind, and caring, and just a thing for people with very unusual biology? Was it kinda like the BDSM scene is today? Was it just social, and there wasn't much sex going on at all? I don't know. Maybe if someone else knows they can clear this up.

Anyway before I read Dirt's stuff again I was pretty convinced it was just a thing people like doing, like liking a certain flavor of ice cream or enjoying a certain sport or whatever. And I was angry about how profoundly the connection to procreation has been taken out of "sexuality" as a result of all this discourse. The word the LGBT scene people chose for people who weren't part of what they were doing was "straight" -- why "straight"? "Straight" implies a lot of things besides that. Anyway it seems like maybe there was some sort of deep cultural subversion going on there. Trying to get people not to breed, not to understand that it's important, not to be connected to ... well, anything other than a feeling of being sexually into someone. I also resent what I consider the appropriation of stuff built for procreative families. The word "sex" comes from the root word for "cut," "sexual intercourse" is "intercourse" between the two separated kinds. I resent that there now isn't a word for that special thing that happens that creates new human life. And the relationships and institutions built around it. Again, the only arguments I heard against it a while ago were Christian and I wasn't ... but those aren't the only arguments and considerations available. There was a lot of handwaving away of things I believe are important and I don't like it. I also don't like how it became specifically about LG relationships, and not about family structure and reproduction more generally, but that's kindof a separate issue.

The thing that bothered me most was that you couldn't just talk about this stuff, it was considered hateful. And I don't like that, I don't think it's fair to say you have to have a dogmatic belief about it. There's lots of interesting conversation to be had, just like any other topic, it just became politicized. Stupid politicization they're supposed to be fixing the country not making us angry at each other. Anyway, those are some of my thoughts, I don't feel like I have a complete understanding. Dirt has a very different perspective from me so if this topic interests you, you might enjoy her blog,, Someone also shared this with me a while back, which I found pretty interesting, but it may fit with Dirt's impression that most people involved in LGBT are not biologically homosexual: provides scientific information that these things are not biologically determined (this one also discusses transgenderism and biology).

Idk. Like I know there's influence from all sorts of groups that have these super strong opinions about it and go around trying to convert people, but it also seems like people are hiding things, and it's a topic free discussion is so suppressed on. And it's important, people are going around trying to force the entire planet to have one view about it! And it seems hard to find someone who will just talk to me about it.

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Yeah, you can say it about anyone I feel. "how dare you attack me/my group with that accusation!" And it can be used insidiously, and Jewish people as a group or groups probably have some nontrivial amount of influence, so it's important that women can criticize women who go around condemning "anti-semitism".

Yes, I agree with you a lot, nobody should be shielded when it comes to valid criticism or debates, imo

I had no idea having makeup correlated with women having more rights.

Yes, i learned this from the book Face Paint by Lisa Eldrigde, in this book she writes about the history of makeup and its affect on culture, she uses the example of Italy, where prostitutes were allowed to wear makeup and they could own businesses, a better example without sex work involved would also be antient egypit which was the best antient society for women to be at and they could wear as much makeup as they wish My logic behind this is that make up gives you the power to change your appearence and thus control how you will be seen, if this control is taken away from you, other rights can be taken as well Im sorry ur culture is like that with makeup, makeup has helped me a lot on my angsty teen years haha

About homosexuality, i believe it could have been connected to pervesity but it doesn't mean it still reflects such past, because I know and am friends with gay guys, I can see that their sexuality is genuine and doesn't come from or is connected with perverted ideas. And I agree that the movement could be related to cultural subversion, but I would argue it is more so because marxism infiltrated the discourse, heterosexuality is the norm, afterall, as a species, we need to procreate lmao And totally, its refreshing seeing a place where you can comfortably share opinions that are different from what is acceptable I wish people could handle being offended better, so instead of silencing others for not handling different ideas they would just express their thoughts Afterall, if you know your argument, you shouldn't be afraid to have it questioned or to change your thoughts if someone else made more sense than you So yeah, sorry for the long reply haha

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That sounds like an interesting book! And that explanation of why makeup is important makes sense, that you can use it have more personal control of how people perceive you. It seems pretty straightforward when you put it that way. It'd be like saying you can't use anything but the default website theme or something, lol! It seems so... obvious now, of course it's a good thing to have that control.

i believe it could have been connected to pervesity but it doesn't mean it still reflects such past

Yeah, that makes some sense to me, certainly for some people.

And yeah, it is refreshing to be able to just share ideas openly.

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It really is, which was why I frustrated myself so much trying to get them to understand :P

Thank you for talking to me, it was very productive to discuss this subjects with you :))

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Yeah, for me too. Thank you too :)

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I'm glad! If you ever want to talk about any other subject with me feel free to inbox me :)

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eh. that woman in your link is against free speech, she thinks it's okay to de-platform and censor people as long as she doesnt like what they're saying. While at the same complaining that she was de-platformed and censored.

/not impressed with hypocrites

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    I suppose she's complaining about the same thing being done to her that she wants to do to others. I still think it's interesting that her content was censored. I wouldn't have expected it; she's clearly not an American right-winger man or whatever one might expect to be censored on GC (unless she's/he's lying about who she/he really is).

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    I'm not banned but I really like reading different opinions. I've lurked in trp, incels, braincels, pussypassdenied etc.

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    I feel u

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    I got banned for saying gender is a social construct used to oppress women.

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    on GC?? Isn't that their main viewpoint? was it the "social construct" bit?

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    Maybe it was bc you used the term gender too, they have quelms with it i think

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    I got banned for saying that abortion is patriarchal oppression and its purpose is to keep women sexually available and to allow men to avoid taking responsibility for the results of their offspring. Abortion doesn't un-rape someone, or un-abuse them. I know too many women traumatised by being forced into abortions by a patriarchal system that says that women who get pregnant must bear all responsibility and must erase their shame. There will be reasons why in certain situations abortion (especially early medical abortion) is the most compassionate option, but I don't think it's something that we should promote or normalise.

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    More content that was censored on GC: PIV SEX/INTERCOURSE IS BAD FOR WOMEN

    The post contained several links in OP before it was removed, including some links talking about less-known biological aspects of PIV sexual intercourse in humans and other creatures, and some links arguing that all PIV sex is rape.

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    Disagreed with their, "The Karen meme is sexist," logic. Apparently, women can never be portrayed in a negative way and must be shielded from all bad words. It seems we are slowly crawling back into patriarchy.

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    If Karen wasn't sexist, there would be a male version of Karen. There are plenty of male assholes, as many as there are "Karens", but we don't have a generalised name for them, do we?

    The way I see it- when we'll have Male Karen, then Karen will no longer be sexist. Until then, it's sexist simply because it's a double standard, nothing more nothing less.

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    What about Kevin? And if it wasn't Karen but, let's say, Kenny that was called entitled would it still be sexist or is it simply being a woman that makes stereotypes sexist?

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    "Kevin" is a nickname for guys that are just dumb, not necessarily assholes - Karens encompasses asshole women, not dumb women per se. Which is why "Kevin" wouldn't work in this situation.

    And if, in a parallel world, people would call guys Kenny everywhere in the same way Karen is used you could argue that it's misandry, if women wouldn't also get the same treatment. So yes, reverse the situation and the outcome is the same.

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    Yes, Kevin is different but it's still a pejorative term that's mostly associated with one gender. Now that I think about it, dick would probably be a better example. But my point is that someone saying, "All women are entitled Karens," would be sexist since they're talking about the whole sex. If you're only saying that some women are entitled then how is that sexist? Or is the Karen meme bad because we can no longer acknowledge differences among men and women?

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    Imo it is a bit sexist but not overall, I've seen people calling women Karen for simply complaining about something, you know?

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    I've seen people calling women Karen for simply complaining about something

    Okay, but does that mean they hate women or they hate complainers?

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    well if they only hated people who complain, then their insult would not have targeted not only females but a specific subset of females. (white, middle aged)

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    I checked, and I can see your removed comments here for now. I saw some of those comments and it's interesting to know they removed that.

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    It's kind of hilarious that being censored by Reddit didn't teach them anything. The moral of the story - people don't dislike the stick, they dislike not being the one wielding it.

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    It would be nice to have an acknowledgement that they are participating in the same sort of censorship-without-disclosure-and-with-slander behavior.

    I just want them to follow their own stated rules (or make the rules accurately disclose what's censored), like they wanted reddit to follow their own stated rules.

    Also: Reminder: everyone likes and encourages censorship...

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    I am okay with some trans women being considered women in some contexts. There are contexts where it will never be appropriate (rape shelters and sports and such) but I don't really care about bathrooms and I am deeply sympathetic to actual trans women who are just suffering with a debilitating mental condition for which the best current treatment available is transition since we don't have a magic pill or therapy to make them accept themselves. Like I won't call Blaire White a "he" because for any practical purposes where I would be interacting with her, she would be a woman in my mind.
    My problem is mostly with the predators, trenders, and bullies that make up the noisiest segments of the TRA movement. But maligning them ALL like that hurts people who just got the short end of the stick in terms of mental health and actually ARE just trying to live their lives.
    I'm especially sympathetic to post op trans women, especially the ones I know IRL, because that really does a doozy on your sex drive and options for sexual assault so the risk seems relatively low to me, especially since many of them are not attracted to women.