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IDK what ACoUP is, but according to the leaked documents, our own intelligence seems to conclude that Ukraine is losing very very badly (Ukraine casualties roughly 10x Russia's), and that this counterattack will be inconsequential. Though obviously they will go on television and tell you just the opposite of this so nobody complains about the billions of dollars of weapons we keep sending over there

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As a side note, ACoUP is "a collection of unmitigated pedantry" and it's really interesting and entertaining reading.

That aside, I also have seen many smart folks saying that Ukraine is losing very badly. I trust Larry Johnson's judgement in many things, and Larry Johnson linked to:

from his site at:

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Ukraine casualties roughly 10x Russia's

Nothing like that in the leaks, there was an edited screenshot shared by Russian-aligned bloggers and Tucker.

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I see what you are referring to now, but some of the reported numbers are still quite bad

He and others would not go into detail, but at least one of the documents shows estimates of Russian troops deaths in the Ukraine war that are significantly lower than numbers publicly stated by U.S. officials. Under a section titled “Total Assessed Losses,” one document lists 16,000-17,500 Russian casualties and up to 71,000 Ukrainian casualties.

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This is early reporting - R 17k / U 71k is the edited version, with numbers swapped (original R 40k / U 17k, here are they both, you can inspect for the signs of photoshop

I also have the original 3mb full-size png, which was shared on 4chan (with R 40k / U 17k numbers):