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Let me see if I can care...



...nope. Can't do it.

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Same, you are not alone

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Then obviously this post is not for you - yet, you care enough to bother commenting. I still think you love me.

Obviously someone cared, because they voted it insightful and fun as I actually un-voted it hoping no one would notice.

Our continued discussion elevates the post ranking. If you respond to this I'll know you care.

Ironically, obviously, to date, upto this moment, this here, is both my first and last comment. Until further notice.

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Dude. You're a narcissist. Just stop.

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If I was a narcissist why wouldn't I create /s/JasonCarswell as so many users have done for their own stuff.

Also, not that I am, but what's wrong with being slightly narcissistic if it harms no one else? Similarly, what's wrong with being "slightly" opinionated, as you clearly are?

You can sit around and wait for someone to discover your brilliance and praise and promote you - or you can toot your own horn because no one else will. Everyone's also wrapped up in their own business. (Just maintain a modicum of moderation with the tooting or folks will overreact as you have.)