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Very strange that this old post (this comment per Dec.9.2020) has no comments prior. This is a reply to JC's comment in Vaccine PsyOp.

This is my shallow response to a quick look at BittersweetSeeds project. You probably understand that when someone gets excited they like to act on it immediately. Impulsive reactions often become modified after familiarity arrives. Just to see how in-tune we are, you should be familiar with the following.

The Diamond Age

Mind Children

Our Final Invention


long shot vernor vinge

YTer JG Event Horizon

Probably more ideas later, but now my fingers are getting very cold. (I live alone in a forest with only a primitive wood stove for heat.)

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I LOVE The Diamond Age. It's among the few books that have not only stuck in my mind, but I often mull over the concepts regularly even though I read it over 20 years ago. Many aspects of it seem like they're coming true too, in their way.

For my story I set up utopian ideas, poke dystopian holes in them, patch the holes, poke more holes, etc until I have a patchwork of a more balance practical and not always pretty reality. A handful of these concepts have lead me to ideas that I fear are very similar to some in The Diamond Age, so I either have to minimize them or creatively present them differently - or just accept that everyone now has a tablet / fondle slab / "magic book" that in 30 years will be talking to us and teaching / brainwashing us. Among other things.

The others are not familiar. I've saved the comment to be rediscovered later.

I've done the same, in Muskoka, after my grandparents died, I looked after their large log home for a while. There are pros and cons to being in the forest - or anywhere really.

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Glad I'm not that far north, brrrrrrrr. On a summer car trip about 33 yr ago, I stayed overnight at one of the Provincial Parks along Prov. hwy 69. Super nice compared to US rest areas and state campgrounds. Best thing was hot showers.

About Neal Stephenson (author) did you read Cryptonomicon? Truly magnificent. Excellent surmise of cryptocurrency, years before it came true. Also based on story of Yamashita's Gold. See also Lawrence P Waterhouse plugs into the Universe, and Cracks the Code, from Cryptonomicon.

Surly, more on this flavonoid later. Meantime, may the based blade be with you, Bacca.

side note, Star Wars namology vs real history... reference famous nemesis of Rome, the Punic Barca family.

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Cryptonomicon is also one of those that sticks in my mind. Oddly, I have to be reminded about details of Zodiac or Snow Crash. I know the vague general premise, but have largely forgotten them. I don't know why.

I feel like my Bittersweet Seeds story has the potential to be Stephenson-esque, perhaps even on par. The hard part is getting it out of my head and presenting it engagingly and with style.

I'm still not fully familiar with the context of "based" to use it effectively.