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An Asian Americunt comment also defends Asian Americucks with the "Bamb00 ceiling". So if an Asian is from Asia, it suddenly doesn't affect them at all when they arrive to the States, right? Some Asians mentioned grew up in poverty with limited to no English when they arrived to America. Do you consider that advantageous? How the fuck does a group who has been in America for over THREE generations still fail to represent themselves properly? Do you see Wakandan Americans beg the African continent for help and representation? Do you see latino/hispanic Americans beg Latin/South America for help and representation? Why is it only the Asian Americucks that are embarrassing and disgraceful? Native Asians have always carried your pathetic and shit group on their backs, while you bog our race down with Ken Jeongs and Matthew Moys. The harsh truth is Golden groups out of murica are just mentally and emotionally stronger than Asian Americans.

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Asian-americuks suck ass like that is because most of them are descendants of rejects. It's done out of resentment so they get revenge by being crabs in the bucket towards high quality goldens straight from the fatherland.

Ever notice asian-americucks are insanely fixated on status even more than native goldens?? It's a sign of overcompensating because they or their parents, grandparents, or whatever, couldn't succeed in asia and got rejected for being retarded uggos.

Yeah, it's true some of the best immigrant goldens, golden men to be exact, successfully plant roots in the usa, although this usually gets negated by the fact that they are outnumbered by asian-americuck rejects.

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Asian Americans are descended from men (yes, men are the primary emigres from Asia), who went to America to make money and have as much gay sex and sex with little boys, as they could without being criticized for it by their compatriots