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Well they still want to take it away so you're malnourished and will beg for global socialism.

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I never believed red meat was an issue. The processed garbage is way worse. (That includes meats like McDonalds hamburgers and cold cuts.) yet processed foods get a fraction of the attention as red meat was/is getting.

Eating the least amount of processed foods possible is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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Beef. It's what's for dinner.

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It's also better to eat things raw. Cooking food will get rid of a lot of important nutrients that the body needs. Even the bacteria in raw meat can be good for the gut, but draining the blood is still important.

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Cooking actually makes it easier to access nutrients in most cases. Nutrients are no good if you can't digest them.

Raw food diets are just another way for people with eating disorders to mask them.

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The problem is it's risky. Cooking is what kills the germs, so if there's something bad in there, or a tiny piece of an organ or something got into the meat, you will get really sick.

This is why people in ancient times had to keep it kosher. Animals like pigs have meat packed with parasites and disease. It's risky to eat any meat raw or undercooked, but the risk is extremely high for these animals.

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It seems most of our ideas about what is "healthy" are actually more concerned with weight loss. Meat, fats, carbs, etc. are not normally unhealthy, and we even need them. But cutting them out helps you lose a few extra pounds, and like with most things people care more about the social status from achieving a goal than its actual benefits, so they put all stock in looking the best rather than actually being the best.

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Studies have been linking red meat consumption to health problems like heart disease, stroke, and cancer for years.

We found weak evidence of association between unprocessed red meat consumption and colorectal cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and ischemic heart disease.

Interesting wording. They do not claim no association between red meat and these diseases, but they want to minimize the studies that do. I guess these people are fact checkers.

If in doubt, here is my advice: eat fish. Fish from clean waters is the healthiest food. It was the choice of food served by Jesus when he fed thousands of people: fish and bread. He did not charge them money, either.

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Fish is great, but then you've got to worry about mercury. Some people have had extremely high mercury levels from eating a lot of fish.

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We all heard about the scary warnings about mercury, but who do you know has died from mercury poisoning? I can think of people I have personally known that have died of cancer and heart attacks but cannot name one that has died from mercury poisoning. Sometimes I wonder if mercury poisoning was just a propaganda campaign to get people to abandon the healthiest foods and just get in their car and order fast food in the drive-thru.

For fish to deserve the title of healthiest food, it should be taken from clean water. Red meat could be eaten in moderation and still be healthy, if obtained from healthy animals. It is probably just as challenging to obtain red meat from healthy animals as it is to obtain healthy fish.