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That's awesome, I'll give it a listen when the wife goes to bed.

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I enjoyed the piano, what piece is that?

I don't agree with praying away ear problems, although the doctor isn't ideal if it's a wax buildup. My father's eardrum was perforated that way during a cleaning. He has a surgically implanted sheet of plastic now instead of an ear drum.

If you have to do it at all, it's better to do it yourself because you have immediate biofeedback if you're being too aggressive. They sell these plastic scoop things that work well for the purpose. Still gotta be gentle.


But that's kinda like a last resort sort of thing, 3% peroxide in the ear or even hot water can clear up minor blockages.

I don't listen to podcasts, but you should do a podcast.

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I'm glad you gave this a listen. When I uploaded it, I didn't know who or if anyone would listen. But it was a significant event for me to witness, after my son went months with an ear blockage, to regain hearing after prayer. I hope this testimony helps you or anyone else to at least consider turning to God for help. I no longer seek any "professional" medical or dental care since I began trusting the Lord to be my Primary Care Physician, and he has not disappointed me. I realize this doesn't work for everyone. Let it be according to your faith.

The more faith and trust you put in God, the more he can do for you. He will never coerce faith, because a coerced faith is a dead faith. So "miracles" are for those that will not be coerced to believe, because they already do. Where there is a lack of faith, few or no miracles are to be observed.

The piano music is a variation of one you have surely heard many times in your life: Oh Holy Night. You probably recognized it from many Christmas seasons already past.