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Because they are women. They are suppose to make babies. And lots of their jobs revolve around caring for other people. They like faces, and people. Not things, and actions. It’s a natural difference.

We find following men on their journey to conquest to be fun. Women just naturally join in the fuck train after the journey to conquest.

There are twice as many female ancestors as there are male ancestors. This means half the men have 0 kids and the other half have two. Statistically.

There’s a reason women are not fun or cool. And it’s because they are not fun or cool. Just fuck objects for successful men.

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Female vocalists are usually better than men, but rap is a male focused activity.

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Yea. I’m just being a dick lol.

I didn’t know women sing better.

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Female vocalists usually have more range than men but I often find them annoying.

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The same reason that women don't street dance as well as men, they can't or won't hit it as hard as men. They aren't as sharp, they aren't as strong.

A lesbians like Missy Elliott or Eve were a bit better but still not quite there.

And, of course, those types of female rappers been pushed out fashion by those chasing attention for their trashy stunts.

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Yeah all of the best female rappers are bulldyke gang bangers lol.

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Hell all that crap sucks shit, heavy metal is the only real music.

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Music is like candy, you have to throw away the wrappers.

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Good one, wish I had thought of it.

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That's nonsense, though I do like some heavy metal. A lot of metal is jazz and classical music with rock instruments.

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Most metal is derivative trash, though slightly better than pop rock.

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Well they usually have the dick sucking lips so there is that.

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Its the same reason why female comedians aren't as good, to be great requires feedback and because of sexist attitudes they are given a half experience by men who are mostly just humoring them and not actually trying to teach them something. You also have to take into account that record companies basically force female singers and rappers into being sexual to sell records which makes the quality of their music one directional and thus not as good. Lastly since most women like pop it has influences on their music and everyone knows for every good pop song their is a 1000 that are complete garbage. All these add up to bad music.

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And they're not as good because of inferior natural talent.