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    Didn't know they had one. Perfect example. Just for looks - even better.

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    The idea is good. The donation bar on is pretty good. It could be an inspiration.

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    Didn't know they had one. Perfect example.

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    Did OP hear anything further in response to this idea? I like it. It’s almost like involving users in achieving a common goal.

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    I understand why the admins refuse to advertise or even remotely seem influenced, and that's noble. But to be honest, I don't know why M7D3 don't make it a little easier to contribute, by making the donate button more apparent than just at the footer, such as in the sidebar or header.

    I've also suggested they could survey the people to ask about features, then determine a price, and offer a code bounty reward, and then they could check over the code and implement it. Maybe I'm over simplifying by a mile.