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This is groupthink. Would serve the same function as downvote brigades IMO.

If you are not interested in a differing point of view, why are you here OP?

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And who watches the watchers?

Sure we could leave all the authority and blocking and so forth in someone else's hands or even the admins, magnora7 and d3rr, but ultimately you're not only putting your faith in their judgement and authority, but you're also burdening them while shirking your own responsibilities. If you push it onto bots, then you're losing compassion, discernment, and critical thinking while becoming a slave to the limits of the bot's code. Further, if you've got time to code a bot, you've got time to code improvements for the greater good of SaidIt, not your feels.

IMO, every SaidIt user has the responsibility to participate towards making this a site worth having, whatever that may mean to each individual. That means also being part of the community cohesiveness and security, including reporting problems so that mods and admins can address them sooner than later after they've festered because you were too lazy to do something.

That said, developing better ways to qualify and quantify the Pyramid Of Debate would be nice. For example, there are no standards. If someone were to collect and categorize a large set of illustrative examples for comparison and for consensus as reference then some issues wouldn't seem so arbitrary. This may be a slippery slope into endless realms of references, much like legal records and law books, of which no one can possibly be expected to read, like fine print.

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Sounds like reddit masstagger. You could modify it and make a version for Saidit, but it's not something I'd want to see implemented on a sitewide level.