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It could be cool and it's not that much work. So in addition to seeing a little 'JPG' button link after image urls, to expand them where they are in the post or comment, the proposal is a new 'PAGE' or 'IFRAME' button link after random urls, that will load arbitrary links/web pages in full, in an iframe.

Our chat widget is an iframe, for example, if you're not familiar, it's an embedded other web page in this page. Your browser loads the crap directly.

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Yep, I imagine it shouldn't be too many lines of to grab the url and put it in a collapsing iframe, sandboxed or not...I personally don't like clicking away from saidit when i wanna quickly check some content out...I dunno if it's the same for others? It should also positively influence the scoring of posts by users who are still reading the content on Saidit instead of on the other platform. Anyways ,Thanks for your time man.