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u/d3rr, this is an old request of mine, but since you are the only active Admin now ...

Can you please get active mods into this sub, and see if this particular request can be put on the dev priority list somewhere?

TL;DR: removed comments/posts are highlighted in red in some areas, but not all. Please highlight in red in all places for easier visibility among mods.

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Since you've come this far, can you do some extra checking and verify that this issue exists for normal accounts too, and not just automoderator/mod comments? The fact that automoderator is also a mod may be taking CSS priority over spam/removed. I don't want to spend effort on removed mod comments, that is a weird edge case. (Unless it's not and automoderator comments are often removed)*

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the removed posts style does look bad. aight this is escalated:

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I think it's fixed, have a look

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It's fixed, for regular users as well as Automod ... both in threads, as well as on user profiles.

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! So much easier to review!

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you're right, so much better. thank you too.