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I've posted a meme to GoodAnimemes promoting Reddit alternatives. It hasn't been removed, unlike my Animemes post.

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I don't think it's a good look to target a specific sub. It just makes you as a user, and whatever you're suggesting, look bad and get dismissed as agenda-posting. Stand on your own two feet and speak your truth instead of gathering a mob behind you before you do so.

Besides, rallying other people together and forming a brigade is exactly what THEY do all day, every day. It's effective and overlooked on the Reddit platform because Admins are pussies, but is that really what we want to be here and make this site into? We're supposed to be getting away from that bullshit.

However, I do think it's absolutely fine to bring up SaidIt as an alternative when the discussion comes up naturally. And I don't fault anyone for looking for those opportunities to speak up.

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This is a copy of what I wrote up for the Whatever subsaidit, at the recommendation of the user Aureus.