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    I need to stop talking about my grand story and fucking finish it. That requires focus. And then I can return and properly pimp that shit out and have a legit reason to ask for support, funding, feedback, and future development of the concept - once everyone actually understands what the concept really is. Me "multitasking" at this stage of the project is just finding distractions and excuses not to tackle the part I'm not built for. The illustrating, storyboarding, animating, and filmmaking will be much easier.

    I'm openly developing it but I haven't touched it since COVID distracted me: This time I won't return until it's reasonably presentable as a rough first draft.

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    Not bad ideas, but any programming is unlikely to happen without a new programmer.

    The saidit subs update list sounds interesting, maybe someone else could do that, since d3rr and I have more than enough on our plates already? Someone could make a sub for it

    For now, browsing should do the job

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    I've been thinking about this too, how to expose people to new or existing subs. Not exactly what Jason is talking about but I think we have the same basic goal in mind.

    Does it need any coding though? This process doesn't have to automated. The mods of subs themselves could contribute to a weekly automod thread generated in s/Saidit or wherever.

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    I mean people could promote them by word of mouth too. It doesn't require any programming, just time

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    True, but that'd mean people pimpin their subs in their comments out of context. I don't know people would mind that, but I worry they might. Really not sure.

    So... I was a programmer 2 decades ago. I probably can't do fuckall, but is there a place I can see saidit's code? Never did python either but it's based on C and that I know.

    Also I noticed if you pick the embed link on a comment, it still has the reddit logo.

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    Yeah saidit's code is here:

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    Would something like this be good as a bot? If so, perhaps someone could develop it in /s/SaidItBots. I don't know if bots need to be external (ie. from my computer) or might be installed on the SaidIt server. I'm guessing it depends on the bot.

    Also, perhaps you could add:
    /s/rsaw - "Raw Saidit API Wrapper"
    to the sidebar of /s/IdeasForSaidIt/about/edit/. Thanks in advance if you indulge my OCD.

    cc /u/d3rr

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      You're the only bot guy I know. (Sorry for not getting back about the other stuff. I have 500+ messages I mean to get through eventually.) I still don't understand RSAW or API stuff. I think in the spring I may learn. I'm more interested in auto-posting than responses, unless it's a secondary response to an auto-posting-bot - like a forward to let me when someone responds to one of my bots, assuming I made a bunch of bots to auto-post content or feeds - or in this case a SaidIt-New-Subs-This-Week bot.

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        I had to look up what an API is. Good to know. I'm going to draft up a manifesto of sorts for my trillion dollar ideas and that term will cover much of that. It will also come in handy in my epic story.

        Is the RSAW run by the SaidIt server or is that for your device to do?

        Does my OP seem doable? It seems some folks like the concept considering the votes so far, not even 24 hours old.

        You might want to start simply and add more features in time - and might re-build it for other SaidIt-utility-bots. For example, in addition to auto-posting the new bots this week you could build weekly auto-posts for the top 20 insightful posts, top 20 insightful comments, top 20 fun posts, top 20 fun comments, top 20 most active posts, top 20 most active subs, top 20 music posts, top 20 political posts, etc. If necessary you could recruit help with sub classifications to limit your field. I've got a good start with my multi-subs, though far from complete or comprehensive, though this week I think I reached some limits.

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          Good to know.

          No hurries, no worries. Thanks for considering it. Please document it if you can for others to dev stuff with. I might even dip into that realm if it's not too deep.

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            Start with an open post..
            "This week on saidit"
            - New subs
            - Top posts
            - Top discussions
            - Introductions and questions ?

            Post in /s/saidit and let people add their own things.

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            I love this idea.

            For years I've been talking about a SaidIt Weekly or SaidIt Monthly - as a "Best Of SaidIt" for all those who don't have the time/energy/motivation/wherewithal to follow all the nonsense much less aggregate the aggregate into a digestible package. I can almost guarantee that countless people would appreciate getting a powerful trustworthy summary rather than having to wade through all the shit.

            Whether it grows slowly or quickly, if YouTubers can make a living with their content I'm quite certain something like this could catch on. Once established, we could cast some vocal talent readers and it wouldn't be too difficult to animate a weekly show for those who read with their ears.

            I've been ramping down and I'll be taking a break from SaidIt for a while to finish my epic story. When I return I'll be promoting and further developing that project, and trying to develop some more practical and user-friendly WikiSpooks and SaidIt-WikiSpooks projects, likely including that weekly aggregate.