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We have it, but it only blocks private messages and not posts and comments. It has to be expanded to have more functionality. This is currently priority #19 on our to-do list out of the 61 total open feature requests. We'll get there eventually

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This is an important feature in an open forum that doesn't remove people for disrupting the experience of other users.

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Noted. I'll raise its priority in our to-do list

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psst. post these on GitHub Issues.

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Well we're not going to share all 61 at once because it shows all our vulnerabilities from a security standpoint. I think we'll release them about 10-15 at a time like we have been lately. But yeah I guess /u/d3rr could you please convert the roadmap release points here in to github issues, if it's not too much trouble:

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Sure man

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alright all of these roadmap items are posted on github aside from the iOS app. It doesn't feel right to file that as an issue against the saidit repo.

cc /u/wizzwizz4

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Cool, nice work. You can mark the github job about the image expansion as finished, too. If you didn't already :)

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Will do. I dislike some of your CSS changes but we'll see what happens. I think they regress mobile, I can fix them in the responsive styles.

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If you want to walk some of my changes back that’s ok. The comment css does seem a little finicky. But the post expands code is good I think. We’re at least in the ballpark

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Well I made some adjustments to the CSS that had the expandos not resizing well all day, sorry about that. Anyway it's fixed now and all of the different use cases seem to be working well, like that image in the sidebar. If you could re-test and make sure it's acting the same as how you had it that'd be cool.

Also, an idea about #4 here, the default sub sort for the home page, should it maybe be site-wide instead of just for the home page? If you want to save a click to get away from hot on the home page, then maybe you want to do that elsewhere? It just seems weird to have a home-page only preference. Anyway it could just as easily be that or the original home page only idea, or two new preferences.

Furthermore, if you change the sort away from hot, does the tab order change? Should the default sort's tab always be positioned leftmost?

Just trying to get the github issue dialed in for takeoff

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Cool, thanks for getting the bugs worked out of the image resizing.

Also, an idea about #4 here, the default sub sort for the home page, should it maybe be site-wide instead of just for the home page?

Can you elaborate? I don't follow what you mean. Can you give an example? I think a broader scope would be OK, but I'm just not sure what you mean exactly.

I would leave the tab order alone, that's fine imo.

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So the proposed new feature is "Everytime I go to my home page I am looking at tab 'new'". What about doing this sitewide, "Everytime I visit any sub I am looking at tab 'new'".

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(cc /u/d3rr)

Documenting everything you touch is probably a good principle, if you plan for other people to help with the code long-term. I haven't been doing that because I don't have wiki access / wouldn't know where to document it, but if you want me to I can start.

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There's no way we can document all code changes. We have already made hundreds, it'd be like 4 pages of solid gibberish documentation by now. The code base can be diffed.

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No, I mean document the parts of the code – as in, what the code does. So, you could have a section "media" which has a brief summary of the client-side and server-side media handling systems; given that finding the code is probably the hardest part of #23 and other similar things, this would make similar changes in future significantly easier if such a page is filled in when that issue is resolved.

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Well my changes should be in the github update d3rr has/will push, that will show the exact changes I made.

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I'd love to see this feature!

With the current system if I'm not enjoying someone's content, I have to directly interact with them if I want to add them to my content filter list, which creates an unnecessary conflict point.

There is an option in Reddit to block a user after reporting their content, maybe it would be easy to add something like that to SaidIt too.

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Why do you want to hide from bad ideas instead of arguing against them?

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I would love to find interesting, well-articulated bad ideas and argue against them.

I'll have more time to do this if I block out the noise.

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HAs this been implemented yet? I'm trying to use saidit, but I'm much bothered by some users like chipit and morphos spamming links all over the front page all leading to their fringe faken-news site. Can I stop this somehow and make the site sufferable?