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You are blackpilled and willing to become a betabux?

Do you have a cuck fetish??

Do you really think she is going to fuck you after she gets you by the balls with a marriage contract??

Go get a hooker, at least you know what you are paying for.

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You cannot be blackpilled and be willing to betabux.

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tbh most kids here are going to jump on the betabux train in their mid 30s and then tell us the blackpill was wrong all along.

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Cope. Now you are lying to yourself and making shit up to rationalize becoming a betacuck.

Do whatever you want man, but don't bullshit yourself.

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"If others do it then it's okay if I do it too!"

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Getting blackpilled, is not philosophical, it's changing your behaviour.

Getting married even though you once considered yourself blackpilled, means you were never blackpilled.

You sound like those dads and mothers who tell their children that they are going to have kids even if they tell them they won't.

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Bro you're correct. Half my friends have. Even those with a chance to looksmaxx and be a high tier normie. It derives from part bluepilling, women prefer personality and "grooming" as one classmate said to me today, and part instinctual knowledge women don't adore them, and resigning life to a deluded lie. It becomes easier to be a betabuxx than to confront the hard truth. That chads have been out their slaying, while they rot away and waste their life. They either have to confront the feeling of wasted years, or go on coping. And if you have no hance of ascending, then the choice is dire. Incel or beta buxx. And a lot of them will take the beta buxx pill, because the human experience is one of trying to maxx out what you experience, and they would forsake self respect for crumbs of used up pussy. It's sad. But most people aren't happy. Just the way of our world

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not me

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Few people are willing to die alone, given the chance at accepting a convenient lie.

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it's biology, can't be helped, we all want to feel loved at least once. I want to know whats its like to go on a date, I want to know whats its like to go to bed and sleep next to another person.

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Get a fucking hooker if it's about biology.

Both of them are initially faking to get your money. And you know that.

But at least the hooker, you are getting a guaranteed sex, cheaper and with no bullshit.

Go visit r/deadbedrooms. Betacucks don't get sex.

And you are a moron if you become a betabuck knowing the blackpill.

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this if you do anything she doesn't like she will divorce rape you and accuse you of rape

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To answer your question yes, I have noticed this.

By the time they reach 30, most of them are single mothers getting checks from the government/rich betacuck.

They don't need to get married anymore. The new trend is to fuck a different guy every week while they raise their low iq violent offspring single. Pure R selection strategy lmao.

Even current betabuxers at a risk of getting divorced since married roasties now can see that they don't need to cheat on their betacucks anymore, they can just blatantly divorce them and whore around even more as single mothers.

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Dalrock had an article on child support.

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I see this all the time on tinder. just change the age to cougar scale and you will see tons of "recently divorced" women on there. It's honestly funny cause i don't think some previously married women know what they're getting into. The lower SMV ones seem to have been coaxed by their stacy wino friends to "get back out there grrrrl" without realizing how absolutely fucked they are now that Billy Beta is no longer around.

They will have money from the divorce, sure, but i think for most women this really does nothing for them. Even the chad cock will do nothing, they will be stressed with the child custody and crippling loneliness. They go insane even when things "work out" for them. Its like they can't help but fuck their own lives up, even when left to their own devices.

This is probably the only thing that keeps me on tinder, is just to watch the slow motion car accident(s) as they happen and maybe benefit from it by playing the game as a blackpilled user.

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maybe benefit from it by playing the game as a blackpilled user.

Lol elaborate bro. I am intrigued

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well, basically there's not a whole lot of strategy. just gaslight them into caring about you and making them think you're their golden parachute to a stable existence. string them along, try to get sex and what you want out of it. gaslight them more and shower them with enough attention so they're around long enough you need them for.

the moment they stop doing what you want or feel like you're """beta,""" just drop them like a sack of potatoes and move onto the next one. You might need a base level attraction to do this, so don't waste time on people that aren't at least taking the bait.

I'm pretty much doing what is called "dumpster diving" and i'll admit i have a base level attraction that i have to have met by a woman to even bother, but there is still some decent advantage in doing it. A lot of older women are so out of the dating game that they've forgotten what things are like, so its kind of an opportunity to set the stage and have a "fresh slate" in a way. This simply isn't a thing with younger women, because snapchat has totally brainwashed them all by now.

For me this has been a viable strategy because i'm not in it for commitment and shit, most of the time i just need cummies and someone to keep me company and have a reasonable conversation with to alleviate crippling loneliness. Most women cannot do that, and 10/10 times the odds are worse with young attractive females anyway. Ironically it is the older divorced women that i have found i have more in common with because we usually both like the same music and share a pretty deep hatred of the current pop culture. It may not work for everyone, and most importantly you can't fake your way into banging them. It's more a matter of just being honest, but only to a point that allows you to still get what you want out of the whole situation.

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Have you heard of Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks?

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Beta Bucks is the government that collects taxes from wage slaves

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yes and i'm getting the impression it's dying out

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You wish.

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Now in the modern feminazi state you will have to wait 30 years till the roasties settle down, even then there are now starting feminist campaigns that say #beautiful at all ages teehee

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Death > betabuxx

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I have no hope

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i have no hope either.

realistically, even if i get settled for eventually, there's a good chance I won't be attracted to her. and she won't be attracted to me either. we'll have no long term plans, no projects, no dreams, no journeys to embark in together because by our late 30s we'll most likely already be settled into the jobs we'll be doing the rest of our lives. no one gets a new hobby or career that late in life. she'll abuse me verbally and emotionally and i'll have to tolerate it.

she'll most likely cheat on me, too. and i'll have to accept it because the alternative is rotting alone. rotting as a couple sounds better. Lol.

And here's the worst part. when i finally get to have sex and sleep next to someone, the could haves, should haves, would haves, will eat me up. "Hey i'm 37 and finally lost my virginity. this means i wasn't all that unfuckable. maybe if I had done this, or that, I could have done this 10 years ago...."

so no.

I have no hope. I'll never be happy. I should just shoot myself.

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i think a lot of this kinda stuff too. brutal.

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betabuxx will be obsolete soon and lower tier men will be complete permavirgins so no.

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If you're a virgin after the age of 17 then its over.

Betabux is cope

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for men based on this dataset, there is a "double-dip"; there's more early sexual contact in 15-19 in men than in women; this continues into the 20-24 range when the women catch up in sexual contact. This reaches an inflection point in the 25-29 age range; men who have not had sexual contact by then tend to stay that way until after 35, where there is a second dip of men having first sexual contact. This slows down once more; any men who hasn't had first sexual contact by their late 30s, tend not to in their 40s.

men lose virginity in their teens

those who didn't? they lose it in their thirties, i.e. get settled for

don't worry, there's plenty of Chad's leftovers with kids for you out there, dating apps are full of them

just accept that your bone structure is so bad you don't even deserve to father your woman's kids, let alone take her virginity

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kek at a study calling it first sexual contact. over for startrekcels

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Ok so no one has answered your question appropriately but there is incel ideology concerning the subject that everyone is hinting at, but not saying in full so here goes newfag.

Yes, but it comes with non negotiable restrictions that don't apply to Chad. Its not just that she'll only like you for your money, its that she'll always feel like she settled. She'll always be secretly comparing you to her previous boyfriends, in every way especially sexually. Let me ask you something, would you be able to go from porn to magazines? What if you're being paid, and you can watch porn so long as you remember to clear your browser history every time. What if you only have to fap as unenthusiastically as you want, and once every 3 months tops?

So it will be more challenging than her clearing the browsing history granted, but it will be easy for her to cheat and get away with it. She'll give you excuses like "I have a headache" "I'm not in the mood right now" "I'm just not a sexual person!" Then you'll find out she cheated with Chad and let him do things to her she wouldn't let you do.

Also what type of girl will you get? Half these foids have a gendered studies degree. So essentially you're paying for a prostitute that fucks a Chad for every time she fucks you. You may even find out your raising someone else's kid. She's ruined her ability to pair bond by having too many relationships (I disagree with incels a bit here) and having this mentality of never settling on less than perfect. Think about it, she's had countless opportunities to relationship an above average man. You are just a reminder of her own bad choices. She could've had everything she wanted in life, but she wound up with you. Like you mentioned, she need only open tinder and see ways to cheat on you. She can divorce you, come up with bullshit excuses for the judge, get alimony for life! Then 5 minutes after, she'll just so happen to be posting pictures of her and Chad in a relationship on facebook.

In the end, you'll have betabuxxed a whore that never put out and never loved you. She'll never see you get out of the shower and NEED to fuck you. She'll never look at you with desire in her eyes. You want to bust a nut to a girl like that, get a whore.

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good post. i'm personally not settling probably ever. that 'doomer' meme is very real for me in the sense that everything seems to be in rapid decay, especially human relations. its not just women, but camaraderie among men, too. It's really a "dog eat dog" world.

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get a doll