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Close. Actually being cucked is the male equivalent of being raped. Blackpill scholars came to this conclusion years ago.

Fundamentally, what is rape? Forcing a woman to have sex with a man she does not find attractive. Sure, it'd be extremely embarrassing if anyone found out and even uncomfortable (if she is one of the few women who don't orgasm from rape). But wait a second, neither being embarrassed nor uncomfortable really justify the common cultural perception that rape is the most heinous crime imaginable. Being pinned down and getting a dick put in their vaginas is something women literally evolved to enjoy.

As any good blackpilled incel knows, it's really about the genetics of the potential rapist that determine whether or not the rape is acceptable. Women have to spend tons of life resources caring for a kid if they get pregnant, so healthy women naturally will be more choosy than men when selecting mates. Their MO in life is to have babies with chad and everything else just gets in the way.

Rape is considered heinous because it is a crime of an evolutionary nature. A single rape can taint an entire bloodline. But women can't really rape men, so it's also a crime that can be commuted to women by men. Of course if the guy committing the rape is a chad then he is guilty of nothing which is why feminists are technically right when they say that most rapes go unreported.

Likewise, adultery is a crime (hopefully where you live too!) that often results in men devoting their resources and life to someone else's kid. While chad men also cuck women, women typically don't care so long as chad commits i.e. pay child support and that is how you see women behave in court. Women act dumb and try to gaslight us, but every single one of them is aware of the fact that if their boyfriend fucks other chicks it means she found a high value mate.

Fun fact: The worst case scenario in a rape is 50% of your DNA gets passed on like normal, you just don't get to choose where the other 50% come from. The worst case scenario in adultery is 0%. Yet for (((some))) reason, rape is considered a more severe infraction than adultery in this day and age. It wasn't always like that and I believe it's still not like that in places with Sharia law.

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I agree. Getting cucked is worse than rape. Humans (like a lot of other species) were designed to have few men have sex with most women and women's innate preferences reflect this. 8000 years ago, only 1 man/17 women could pass on his genetics.

Society can no longer guarantee reproduction for sub human men since sexual selection + technology has broken down social constructs such as monogamy.

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Correct. One of the biggest fallacies the "redpill" perpetrates is that modern society ruined women. That we have to get back to "normal". This IS normal human sexual dynamics, we just managed to suppress female impulse for thousands of years.

This makes even more sense when you look at the big picture. The second the first group of tribal people started treating women as property/making sure every man had one, civilization sprung forth at an incredibly fast pace. Now as women embrace their hypergamy and we begin to formalize the ancient knowledge of the Blackpill men are dropping out of society left and right. Already things such as the NEETpride movement have started cropping up:

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Yes, studies have clearly shown polyamorous societies become ultra violent. There is little debate regarding this. We are definitely devolving into a more tribal setup where few men have access to most women.

Forget economic inequality, sexual inequality is far worse.

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What do the parentheses mean?

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It's a meme 8chan started to reference Jews. I'm using it facetiously here.

I believe some use it more generally to refer to The Powers That Be/the elites

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Femoids get off from being raped and have rape fantasies, why would it be bad for them?

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Think about it, for a foid being raped is the highest compliment. A man is ready to face prison time for this, he finds the foid so attractive he cannot control his urges. This is why more than 50% of foids experience orgasms during rape.

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Plus that violence is extremely attractive by their perception.

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high IQ

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Being raped by chad that is.

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This is one of the points l disagree with regarding the blackpill. In the increase incelosphere it is stated that AF/BB. That looks are the absolute requirements, that without looks we are doomed to be beta bux.

I have plenty of posts saved up from braincels showing it is not always true. That hybrisophilia > looks. I've seen ugly guys in and out of prison with kids and with a new gf. They are not beta bux.

My father was a piece of shit who was violent, uneducated, ugly, still had kids, still had gfs.

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You are correct. This is called status maxxing. I know poor, unemployed, ugly thugs that still live with their mother but they get soo much pussy because they have High Thug Status. Status maxxing is possible by becoming a Criminal/Thug and gaining dangerous connections with other Criminals/Thugs.

Girls also love guys that just came outta prison because they perceive you as having High Thug Status and they'll throw pussy at you. These thugs are ugly and poor but they're getting girls to financially support them, take care of them and throw pussy at them because these thugs are Status maxxing.

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Tokyo tower in meter IQ

My best friend lives in a poor area. Like, think of the projects with subsidized housing. He is got neighbors with several kids who have no jobs, just smoking pot and getting arrested for damaging stuff while drunk, provoking fights, etc.

I wouldn't have believed his stories had l not seen these people myself. I knew a girl who had a child with a low level drug dealer at 17. When my friends tried to save her and even offered her a place to live, safe and all, she left to get back with the junkie.

I know many cases like that from church. Those guys are no Chad. They look may be a point or two above a homeless side in the streets but that's it. They beat women and still get pussy. They don't work, they look terrible and still impregnate

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well yeah, women will never understand being incel, since they have nherent value and men will never understand being raped by the other sex, since we did not evolve or psyche to deal with getting pregnant by low value men.

we are a dimorphous species, and equality is a ilusion. each step society goes the way of the women imperactive is a hit in men's quality of life.

it s no wonder that as indicators of success for women's rise, men's go down as you can see in pretty much everywhere. and women's will continue to rise since they are way better drones/consumerist ''citzens '' than men and as such will be preped up

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Rape is the men's equivalent of being raped. Men get raped all the time.

Seeing this comparison trotted out gets tiresome. There is no comparison for being incel. It is being an unneeded and unwanted human being. There is no equivalent scenario for a woman.

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I disagree that a man being raped is in any way similar to a woman getting raped. They don't experience it the same way we would because of their biological imperatives. If some guy raped me I'd experience humiliation for sure, but it definitely wouldn't traumatize me like women claim it traumatizes them.

And there is one kinda equivalent situation for women: being old and infertile

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I'm unwilling to put women on a pedestal due to their imperatives. Or, for that matter, to take their claims on face value, to think they have it worse. In both cases, an illusion of bodily autonomy is destroyed. On top of that though, men would face the destruction of their masculinity. Does that mean men have it worse? No clue. I've never been raped, neither as a man or a woman.

An old an infertile woman with no family may be equivalent, but then seniors and boomers are having plenty of sex.

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It seems in this case the foids' claim is in line with both their behavior and their biological imperative. It's not putting them on a pedestal at all, unless you think living on tutorial mode is admirable. It sucks that women have it easier than us and feel shallower emotions even when things don't go their way, but welcome to the gynocracy.

Exactly, getting raped would just result in people possibly making fun of you.

As for your last point: a) being incel is really more about being involuntarily single because every one of us could go rent a hooker (I did and I recommend it if you're a really virgin btw) and b) the sex you have as a teenager and 20-something is a whole different thing than the sex you have at 60. Most people don't even desire sex in the first place at that age.

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dude have you been to a male prison lol? ie "don't drop the soap" their is a reason they say that!

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I know plenty that have been to prison, that's a rumor. Most prisoners are against being gay for one, and it isn't all that cut throat