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post under an alt, they don't allow with hate users. The thing is r/femaledatingstrategy made it to the front page on r/iamatotalpieceofshit and has been on r/againsthatesubreddits many many times. Seems to be the standards applied to people hating "oppressed groups" like women (who are hated everywhere and have it much harder than us you entitled pieces of shit!) don't apply to people hating on "cis-het males"

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'Entitled' is a fairly meaningless term that does not accurately describe most of the incels on this sub or elsewhere on the Internet. On one extreme, the word 'entitled' is used to describe men who literally believe that they should be able to force women to date them. On the other extreme, the word 'entitled' is used to describe men who are merely frustrated or sad that they can't find anyone at all to date them. This type of frustration is reasonable, since sex and romantic relationships are regarded by many as one of the most fulfilling things in life. The problem with using the word 'entitled' for both categories of men is that it lumps them together, demonizing men in the latter category by companing them to men in the former category. If you wish to criticize our views, please be more specific than merely calling us 'entitled'.

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Too bad that won’t work

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Seems like a shit cope.