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Even your own mother too.

You learn more as you get older, trust me. It really makes you alienated and feel very alone; you take a whole other perspective of your parents after that.

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This is one of the realest comments I have seen on this sub.

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What is the worst feeling is your mother looking at the 6 foot 15 year olds and wondering why her son was never like that.

That feeling of indirect rejection never heals

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I feel like I had a headstart on this because I started calling out my mom's bullshit at a young age. For instance, a very pointed event in my life was me asking what I should do about the hair that grows on the outside of my nose. My mom said it wasn't there. But it clearly is so I told her she was wrong and she just dug into her position. Eventually my dad got wind of this argument and told me it was there and women just are like that. I asked why anyone puts up with that and he told me I'd understand when I'm older JFL

To be fair she started going to therapy a few years ago and basically admitted I was right about everything. Fortunately I have two brothers so I never wanted for camaraderie.

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Women are paradoxically the most conservative forces in society oftentimes for that very reason.

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Therapy is a bluepilled cope, it doesn't fix your height.

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Look at this Chad, cashiers smile at him. Good point, though.

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Nah, they usually don't, but there are some females devoted enough to their job that they'll even smile to incels.

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Some take it to assume that it means "all women do x".