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It depends. Being alone all the time really isn't something l can enjoy. I feel very lonely at times, when l come back home. I used to live with my parents but they were unbearable.

Coming back to an empty flat is suicide fuel. I did some homestays, like living with elderly whose kids already left. It was cool. The rent was ok, l had 2 meals a day. We talked during dinner. It's something l would recommend.

I was still by myself in the room, which gave me freedom. You know to study, be alone, etc. I also loved with roommates. But guy would bring back his gf and she was moaning so loud you could hear her, fuck this!!

Better share a flat with some true cels, you can get along while having enough personal space. If your schedule permits it, a cat/dog/hamster would be cool.

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catmaxxing is pretty good

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I just want to play videogames with a pure loli. I abhor any other type of social interaction