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Actually that post was banned, as was the user. Some mod re-added the post, so it's been removed again.

hail one of the largest mass killers in history

Not allowed on any sub. The same rules apply to everyone. If you don't like the rules we have in place since day 1 then leave. Simple as that.

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Good luck at magnora making his site popular if he's going to censor that hard.

If people want to use a platform with censorship they'll use reddit, not this obscure dead one.

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Did you have to jump ship though? There were multiple posts recently about how it was a budding community and you've just pulled the plug because an admin warned a user about not posting content that was pretty unambiguously defined.

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true, solareclipse overreacted. open the sub again!!

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I agree, now the sub is being held hostage because the mods are over-reacting. I don't think this is good either. They clearly don't have your free speech in mind despite what they claim. If they wanted free speech they would support alternatives rather than shutting them down

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enforcing site rules to stop edgelords shitting the place up is fine. We don't need that kind of crap in a site dedicated to... debate.

Perhaps off to the chans with you? or is anonymous not good enough for your disproportionate ego?

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Don't worry I'll take care of this sub.

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Thanks, please don't remove any posts that don't break site rules, even if you disagree or they are smearing me or whatever. We very much support people's free speech :) Good luck

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I only removed the pin posted due to the fact that it contained references to mass shooter praise.

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Thanks, it might be okay to leave it, as a post that's solely about that subject is worse than a reference or two in a self post about other things, for example. But I'll leave it up to you. If in doubt, leave it, or message me and we can talk about it if you want. Thanks sir. Ideally mods really shouldn't need to do much

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Saidit admins are Fucking cucks. They can go Fuck themselves.