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As an aside, the last 24 hours of moderation by Darkness have been a complete shitshow. I can't think of any aspect of this sub that has been improved by his arbitrary appointment to mod of the sub, as directed by the admins of this website.

Why were the previous mods removed? Because the admins are so utterly concerned with public perception of saidit, far, far beyond their obsession with the triangle of logic. Reddit seemed arbitrary and slanted, but at least they made no bones about it: whatever they didn't like gets dumped if it's bad for revenue.

Here, if content or discussion, itself not in violation of any stated TOS or spirit of the site's polygon, falls outside the constraints of what the admins decide is good PR, then it's to be dumped too. This is still someone's playground, much as they'll pretend it's not. They will, and have, taken the ball, and have gone home. Fuck the triangle, it's about the fleeting impressions and perceptions of passersby now, uninformed, and assumed to be unwilling to become informed. Not even that, actually, it's down to what those impressions and perceptions might be. So we're left with this mess, intentionally left to a random.

I'd like to believe all of this is owed to incompetence, rather than malicious intent.

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Fuck saidit. Move to

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I got banned from that shithole ngl. Mods annoy me.

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and i mop floors!

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and i refuse to poo in the loo