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That awkward feeling when Normies start talking about their girlfriends and sex and it creeps up on you to add something to the conversation

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This happens at least once a week at work. I am a 100% confirmed virgin by not having anything to add to these discussions, and the foids cant get enough of it. They will intentionally talk about sex in front of me for their cruel amusement, because they can see how uncomfortable it makes me.

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It's killed me inside also my fellow, I consider myself sub-human and have done for a long time. I consider normies as hostile aggressors. I try not to show it in public though.

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it's completely over, they know a femoid was not attracted enough to you to hold hands because it's obvious

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If they're 5/10s or 4/10s then you could be underestimating standards in 2019, and they're actually KHHVs

They are wiser and have a more sophisticated view of the world.

Likely not, that mostly just makes you more self biased towards believing that sex is earned because you had it or makes you think more highly of yourself when in reality your genetics is what led to the sex

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you could be an escortcel, but the truth is tho in your head you'd then be repeating "they had a foid love them and I haven't"

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Made me log in to save this post.

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Thank you, I’m glad you liked it

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Most normies are becoming incels. Most of them were able to get laid before 2014 when tinder went mainstream. Normies ability to get sex has decreased and will continue to decrease over time.