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Sigh, see guys why I say we should let this place die? In a proper incel forum this post would be removed. To the guy posting this, anyone who didn't already try at least most of this advice would be considered a voluntary celibate. Incel is a badge of pride, you tried your best, spent a lot of time, energy, and money, yet still failed. No this post is not needed, this post is a cliche, a meme at this point for incels as well as people who identify as FA/forever alone, who are similar to incels yet certainly less angry about their situation.

Here have a read, don't skip the comments

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what I don't get is this rebirth guy appears based on his other posts on saidit, yes I looked at his history like a soyboy, that being said he makes good posts elsewhere, is woke on thinks like jews and the federal reserve, economic matters mainly. Yet posts the weakest, soyest, most sjwish shit possible on an incel forum. Just goes to show what we're up against boyos.

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Being redpilled on politics really doesn't mean shit lmao

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being redpilled on anything doesn't mean anything yeah but it is a step towards blackpill and at least it usually means a guy is not a totally soyed out bluepiller, yet look at his sorry excuse for a post here. he can't separate economics from the sexual marketplace yet they are directly related

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This post shouldn't be removed. We have to give them chance to fight back and let them see how they lose, again and again.

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Someone please ban this fool. 1. Have a nice face preferably 8/10 or more 2. Height, the better the face the less height you need. 3. DBA (don't be Asian) theory you can be white black or Latino and still get girls with a good face (8+)

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No shower - no pussy.

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Hygiene is cope. It doesn't fix being 5'6". Haircuts are cope. They don't fix being 5'6". Actually, the rest of that shit is cope. None of it fixes being 5'6". Keep coping you faggot

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Everything checked except maybe the last one. What am I doing wrong?

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This is true; but is also true that a good looking person doesnt have to do any of these things to get a mate.

A looks threshold needs to be met in order to maximize for someone to notice your "passion for life"

Not enough talk about the realities of look in maintream media and abroad. Ill stick to the black pill and the thousands of times that posts like these have been debunked