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I wonder why there were so many inkwells unwilling to migrate to saidit from braincels - well, probably because they were fucking fakecel whores who couldn't live without muh soy points jfl

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I think it's because they like reddit and can't be bothered to switch back and forth between sites

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Look at my join date. I was here from the beginning.

The admin doesn't like us, he nuked the mod team several times and censored us over and over again. There's no way we can stay.

Ruqqus had the same problem.

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Well where do people take refuge at nowadays, apart from .co?

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the best place for us to go at this point is gab. It's totally censorship-free, and I have that on good authority I also have a gab account. I am worried about moving when we were in the midsts of such rapid growth to be honest.

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Is it a good thing that it's censorship free though? I'm asking because if it is like Ruqqus, then the normies will outnumber us and we won't be able to ban the IT tards and blue pillers. Worse, without ban options you could end up with porn/p3do spamming trolls (IT again) like in one board I was on.

The admin changed his stance real quick on the censor-free part after that.

Does Gab work like saidit?

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I won't post on FBi. Co

Too many got visited by the feds. I am trying to find a good forum myself

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Don't talk that way brocel, it's demoralising. and this forum has been gaining subs. When I first started counting we were at 518 and now we're at 526.

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You said it all, man. I'm gonna miss it.

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I think our ability to grow on Saidit is quite limited due to how limited the userbase and ability to grow of this website itself is. I mean, just look at how fucked up the captcha system for registration is in here, people basically won't even bother making an account unless they are absolutely obsessed about using a Reddit clone with less censorship, so it ends up being a really niche place. Even at MeWe we still get the occasional lost soul giving us a "hi" in the chat despite the community overall being dead. Maybe we should consider franchising ourselves in other social media networks and trying to grow there while we still got some activity here.

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Reddit uses a captcha too though I doubt that it's that offputting. 4chan has an extremely annoying captcha for each post and comment but it still draws users. I just think nobody knows about this place yet.

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4chan has been around ever since the times when pretty much all websites had shit interfaces. I don't think newer websites get this kind of pass.