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You're fucking Chad in disguise bro these bitchezz want you and you're just ignoring them

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I doubt that. I mean, I don't understand anything at this point, but I wouldn't say they are interested in anything, they are disgusted

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This very well might be the case. There are no shortage of dudes in the incel community that regularly talk their way out of pussy through sheer autism and social ineptitude. nb4 cope.

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Anyway I can't fight my mentality

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Your posts are becoming incoherent brocel

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I know it, I am on constant brain fog now and I feel like I am getting stupider all the time

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Maybe you're losing it, brocel. It's just courtesy to thank someone for doing them a favour. If anything, this is actually brutal potent suifuel as she neglected to tell you to your subhuman face.

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I know, but it's normal to say it directly after imo, it's weird when it's done hours later, maybe I am fucking autist, but I don't get it

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You're doing exactly what I would do in a situation like this; do not dwell on it brocel, over-analysing the situation is a waste of time and can even cause unwarranted stress.

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I know that, but lately a lot of absolutely illogical stuff happens - small, minor and absolutely irrelevant situations, which my mind doesn't leave without overthinking. My sanity is almost drained completely and I know nothing at this point.

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Hmmm, what kind of situations?

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There was one time where I couldn't connect to a meeting on class, multiple people have written it on messenger at the same time, I have written it like 1 minute after them, one foid added me to the meeting and I saw that none of the previous people were added.

There was one time when I was standing in the bus stop going back from uni to home (I am always leaving uni first and I am like 2 minutes ahead before everyone else, since I don't have any friends there with whom I talk) and another foid had approached to ask me about stuff which was related to the upcoming exam, however, answers to questions she asked were already known, explained and generally I don't think that asking them was needed by her - so I was thinking for a long time why she asked me about this, what was the point.

Also, there is one who always upvotes anything what I write in chat about plan organisation (they can't make decisions anytime, or to discuss anything), whenever I write sth she likes it almost instantly, but she doesn't like other posts, which is either mocking me ironically for what I write or idk.

Those are probably just made up scenarios in my mind but, well, I'm going insane.

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sniff sniff smells like Chad to me! Go ask one of those bitches out.

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This can only result in rejection and it will make me overthink even more. I won't do that

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Then she will stop bothering you in order to be useful to her. Maybe try something like "I'm a bit tired, why don't we go and have some coffee at the nearby cafeteria so we can discuss?". If the foid says something like "I don't have time" or "I have a boyfriend", then you say "OK" and just leave.

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I mean, it's really high IQ approach - to get peace by doing that, but it might lead to consequences sadly. If I could do it like that, I surely would.

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But why do foids needs to write 'thanks for borrowing me X during lab' in like ,4 hours after lab

Don't overthink stuff like this bro, our social dances are retarded like many animals, most people just get them though and have no problems with it

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If you attempt to engage in dialoge with her and she talks to you like she wants to brush you off, then you know she wants nothing to do with you. It sounds like she was thanking you in an underhand way because she may have felt bad that she did not want to be seen talking to an incel type person, because to these bitches public image is everything. You are correct to think in that way, as foids are always deceptive.

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but I thought more like "Why is she thanking me, while none actually talks with me and treats me like that, what is the reason of messaging me, it's beyond fake"