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Sure, you should go to therapist. There are a lot of examples of successful therapy for incels and highly depressed guys. So successful, that they didn't even came back to tell us about this success.

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Just go on incelexit for a preview of how helpful "mental health professionals" are. You're better off venting here than shelling out hundreds for a dumb bitch to tell you how "toxic" and "problematic" your viewpoints are. If you want a free therapy session from me I'll do it for bitcoin.

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No don't bother, been there done that. If you have other mental health issues aside from that relating to incels or you get to go to it for free or have the time, then go ahead. A Therapist wont advise your way to pussy.

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Get a female therapist; they are most likely to understand your struggles.

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Psychologist and therapy - no.

Psychiatrist and meds - sure as fuck

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Theraphy can work on some limited cases, but it depends a lot on the factors involved. There is A LOT of quackery out there in regards to therapy (psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy, theta healing, scientology, etc...) and it must be avoided at all costs. Only Cognitive-Behavioural Theraphy has show any actual scientific evidence of positive effects, and only for a few limited conditions (depression disorders, anxiety disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorders and borderline personality disorder, if I remember correctly). I remember someone actually sharing a scientific paper around here claiming that in 100% of all cases, men who seek therapy to treat love-shyness do not gain positive results. Research about "Evidence-Based Theraphy" to learn more about the types of therapy that have been proven to work and clarify with the therapist which methodology he or she uses before you agree to a session.

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have you still not found a way back to r9k? just use a Vpn or a new email.

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The average therapist will probably give you some typical "thanks doc I'm cured" advice not justified by the fees. If you have to pay for it, why not spend the money on books and hobbies?