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I think constantly reincarnating into different lives can be just as scary. But I guess it wouldn't be if you don't carry on memories from previous lives. Personally I would much rather cease to exist and go back to wherever void I came from. Being suicidal I often think to myself "I wanna go home" because I do believe wherever void I came from is my true home.

On the other hand, I've made so many mistakes in my life. So the idea of reincarnating and starting a new save file would spiritually heal me on such a profound level that isn't currently possible in my life because I can't erase my mistakes. Is believing in reincarnation or an afterlife cope? My brother in christ, living is cope. Breathing is cope. Eating is cope. Life is cope. Cope is cope. Everything is cope.

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The idea that you just cease to exist forever is a scary though

The opposite is what keeps me sane honestly. That one day I will be gone forever and it all will be over.

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We're just meat computers that are made of DNA instead of circuits. I hope I come back as a bird in the next life.

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