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Bro record the therapy session and post it

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if i could, i would. I know they won't have anything to say. That or after I provide them million of evidence that Brown women have been telling me "white-only" since 6th grade, they'll say "well not all women are like that". Like, I want to go just to say it to a human being. My mother doesn't like me talking about brown women "aggressively" like she says.

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Dude, you're big and black like...just go to detroit and bbcthugmaxx? Surely that can't be too hard.

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im 5ft7. I had a latina tell me "dude, you're literally my height you can't be serious flirting with me". and she was 5ft 4. Literally every black dude on my campus is dark as hell with a full head of hair and 5ft 9. They're surrounded by weird looking, short blonde women and alt girls. I talk to a white girl on campus and they give me no respect. It'd be the same somewhere else. I'm just trying to become rich so I can sugarbabymaxx in Texas with all the hot latina sugar babies.