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Must tour bait.

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yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Mazurrooooooooooooooooooooooooo I missed you nigga what you been up to

Fuck these mods they're destroying what was already a shitty small community on the shittiest site on the internet. How these polish bitches treating you brocel?

And mogs me tbh I never got asked any of that shit. I always knew you were a fakecel. If I got asked that I'd just say I would be watching Andrew Tate all weekend and then ask them "what color is your bugatti?" then akido them and take their bitch

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Idk when we talked, but lately I did a lot in my life, finished degree, found a job in a field, fot 2 surgeries etc.

Still polish foids are polish foods, this is not changing. Also this question isn't really asked because they want to know what I do, but rather to mock me that I don't.

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Still polish foids are polish foods, this is not changing.

And just imagine that they are often considered to be of better quality in other countries. It just shows that the whole world has been damaged.

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Polish foids are considered whores in Europe luckily. Everyone knows they will fuck black guy just for some exoticity

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And to think that some promote them here as being family-oriented and traditional.

I also remember a recent movie with a Polish star (quite beautiful) that was about a woman getting entangled in a SM game with some Italian mafia gangster, who was more like a gypsy than an Italian, and after being raped falling in love with him. There were many scenes that were quite pornographic and I was surprised to read that the movie was such a success in Poland and even promoted as "artistic".

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You refer to 365 days, there is more than 1 movie of this kind now, they made a continuation. Either way, it's a movie purely for foids, all men are just laughing at this shit, but foids anyway watch it. After 1 episode they were writing in the internet, that a guy could kidnap them too, if he was looking like him. It's just clown world, foids always admit blackpill.

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I would say something like 'I'm thinking of checking this place' or 'I'm thinking about going to this concert'. You can drop the ball so she can join you (and pay for her ticket since you're not inviting her) or otherwise she can just fuck off.

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It's just normal conversation. Just say "nothing special"