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Fuck bars.

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Used to be a great way to meet people. Every time I've been to a bar since about 2012 it's been a fucking sausage fest.

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Could you imagine your daughter being this big of a whore? Fuck that if I am ever unlucky enough to birth a roastie I will send her to a nunnery where she will learn not to be a disgusting slut. Gross man how do white guys let their spawn act like this.

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Goin to place with drunk guys to become drunk too, BUT you need special "signal" for police. Damn, slut, you'll be too drunk to say no, not even order a special drink.

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I honestly think the whole article is bullshit. I don't know about the cops where you live, but if someone calls 911 in New Orleans and says some bar skank just ordered an "angel shot with a lime" he'll get laughed at.