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sarcasmpost I'm coping too hard

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I'm going to learn programming in order to get a remote job. I will use my funds to fund Nick Fuentes's incel army. We will take his movement to the capitol of the united states where he will be appointed fuhrer and we will implement a 1000 year incel riech. In a stunning act of betrayal I will remove Nick from power and take his place as King Of All Incels ruling over muttistan and giving all my loyal followers qt aryan pawg goth gfs to fuck till the cows come home. And fuck you s/incels mods for banning me you will NOT be getting a qt aryan pawg goth gf any of you especially you StShitpostCel you should have petitioned against my banning.

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I support your 1000 year incel reich however I couldn't have petitioned due to the simple fact that I don't use because the mods there are colossal faggots that gave the world another monkeypox outbreak.

I use far less strict methods of shitposting such as saidit because the brocels on saidit do not drink ball juice.

I will aide you on your journey to usurping the incel throne.

Hail victory.