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I feel like the only to get through life is being comfortable, but that is a luxury a tiny set of people are born with and most have to wage-slave to get to. Even with that, Nature is against us and we cannot change it to make us wanted as people.

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I feel normies have a very high tolerance to this shitty wageslave lifestyle, I just can't take it. I guess their bluepilled mindset makes them believe their constant slavery has a purpose or a reward, like religion copers believing they will go to heaven.

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What do you propose, comrade? Remove income an have everyone included in society as an equal member of a socialist party, where wives are allocated based on rank and genetic probability of successful continuation of the regime? Perhaps normies are simply more adept at survival, and those who are unable to cope with the reality of life's challenges are destined not to succeed. This is not the fault of the normies, it is the failure of those who do not wish to work through life's challenges to achieve something.

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I propose you to stop talking like a faggot. Your autistic rant has nothing to do with what I wrote.

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cry about it fag