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100 years later and nothing has changed. a very close friend teaches in the rez and it sounds like a fucking nightmare.

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Yeah it’s fucked up. Current generations are barely learning about inter-generational trauma. It’s getting better, but it’s going to take time.

I am more concerned about academia hijacking movements for sovereignty to tie them into global authoritarianism. I just watched a native org at COP26 get doomed in real time, but they won’t make the leap to fully realize it’s all bullshit. Like, they got so close, and then went back on it. Frustrating. I can only nudge people so much, you know?

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yeah that shit does sound frustrating. i dont see an easy solution, but im with you on your reply there.

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doubt she really wanted to go there, some other group like ACLU used her for it.

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I’m pretty sure the tribe was under the impression they’d be able to attend the new school since that was the agreement for the votes. Typical Indian giver shit. Maybe there was help with the case, but I believe it was the tribe’s idea to seek help.

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shouldn't want to go to white man's schools anyway. And that was forced with assimilation in the past anyway, then they were tricked into going against that. The answer is to fix up your own schools.

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Maybe they found out there wasn’t any raping going on at the white schools.

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damn well maybe but then the answer is to get rid of the raping at your own schools

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You seem to know who created the school system, maybe this is the first time you’ve heard this, but the whites haven’t always been as receptive to hearing a brown person say bad things about a fellow white. Sometimes, it’s crazy I know, they would actually punish the browns for even suggesting a white did something wrong! So maybe, a brown committing a crime to punish a very bad white would bring trouble to the brown community.

The point is, don’t force us into sub-par educational facilities to denounce our culture and assimilate to be real Americans if you don’t want us to use your real American system to elevate ourselves and hold you to your word.

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but the whites haven’t always been as receptive to hearing a brown person say bad things about a fellow white.

yeah CRT, I know, dems just got demolished because of it

brown people actually have it easier now cuz of quotas and affirmative action, so stop complaining. We need to repeal those so we can go back to equality.

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I’m not talking about now, I’m talking about the case and the time period. The town told the tribe their children could go to the new school, they were denied entry, so they sued. The end. We wouldn’t even have known that it was possible to hold Indian givers to their word if it wasn’t for education received from the whites on how “their” system works. We were forced to assimilate, so it’s our system too now, much to your chagrin.

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Yeah also interesting you'd need to go back 100 years to find something that is even slightly racist, which is outside forces getting a poor girl to attend a school outside of her school district. The long bus rides are child abuse too in some ways.

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My post was on the case because of Indian giving. Yeah, it’s a racist practice, but the case is about accountability. For someone who has a post up on race versus class, you’re not seeing how in this case, the school tried to exclude themselves from honoring a verbal contract with the people.

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Typical Indian giver shit.

Technically, an Indian giver is an Indian, because of the first word in the term. Indians and the receivers apparently had differences of opinions over gifts vs loans. Indians wanted the presumed "gifts" back, so the term Indian giver was born.

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Difference of opinion or difference of definition? We didn’t give each other “loans.” Maybe other people did, my tribe did not.

I should be more specific, we didn’t practice lending of land.

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I believe it was a difference of opinion. The perception was that Indians would 'give gifts', then later want them back. It's been a long time, so I don't remember the specifics. Could have been land, hunting rights, or anything really. Two completely different cultures are likely to misunderstand the others intentions and practices.

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I have never found an explanation from both sides that agrees on who started it. I know some college natives who say it’s offensive, maybe they’re right?

There’s a famous artist Cheyenne Randall who uses it as his instagram @, I know there was a band Indian Giver, I know other artists who use it, who use wagon burner, the list goes on. I’ve found it’s used in jest more often than not. That’s why I used it here, to make fun of the situation, but the humor doesn’t always translate in text.

There is no doubt a ton of misunderstandings took place, but here we are, regular citizens getting fucked over by the tyrannical practice of “Indian giving” us our “certain unalienable rights” whenever they want.

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Some believe the raison d'etre for college students these days is to learn new ways to be offended.

As for "inalienable rights", I've always argued those don't exist - that it's simply a fantasy or wishful thinking. This is mainly because inalienable means "can't be taken away". So if they're taken away, it disproves inalienable.

Same applies if they're called human rights instead. If something can be taken away, it's not a right. Anyway, that's how my logic works.

Racial humor can be pretty funny. What the leftist-scolds are missing is what's left when you force the humor out of it.

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Academia has been diverted by authoritarian nerds who just want to replicate themselves to serve those in power.

So no one has human rights, so why have any laws at all? It doesn’t matter how wishful the thinking behind it is, we’ve created the system that hinges on rights of individuals. Even those who violate laws have rights as citizens, except in very specific cases, historically. Or recently in broad general cases, for example the NDAA, which should be nullified or amended at the very least.

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so why have any laws at all?

Behavioral standards keep things running smoothly. The fiction of "rights" makes the standards more palatable, and it's useful to at least pretend to believe in them. But watch how rights go right out the window when the chimps throw a chimpout.

"Wearing a costume [a right] is worse than physically assaulting someone [a crime]" - video dindu

NDAA = National Defense Authorization Act?