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My post was on the case because of Indian giving. Yeah, it’s a racist practice, but the case is about accountability. For someone who has a post up on race versus class, you’re not seeing how in this case, the school tried to exclude themselves from honoring a verbal contract with the people.

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if it is indian giving the mistake was promising them something they don't need in the first place, why would they want anyone to promise them to let them go to a white school? Improve your own schools. You're racist to use the term indian also. Think about that. Columbus came and took over 600 years ago, ok maybe you should have built a wall? Either way stop complaining, you have it easy now cuz of affirmative action.

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I get it popper, you don’t really care about the system being held accountable for their agreements made with all born or naturalized citizens. I will NEVER stop complaining about that.

Look at you crying racism lmao as if you’re offended by the term, and telling me “YOU” should have built a wall 500 years ago! That’s all you’ve got.

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see a bad agreement, don't honor it. Again you shouldn't want the kid 100 years ago to go to that school anyway. I doubt you're native american as you use the term indian giver.

They did have your land conquered and stolen, that is tough. Has happened a lot thru history. Is happening to america right now as immigrants invade. We should build a wall tho trump promised but didn't.

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They did have your land conquered and stolen, that is tough.

Yes WE did, and were subsequently naturalized as citizens of these United States of America, guaranteeing our rights, specifically in the OP case, the 14th amendment. I’ve stuck to this in my last...every single comment. And you’re telling me I shouldn’t have wanted that 100 years ago? Saying I should have built a wall 500 years ago? Did I tell you maybe you should have revolted and killed your kings if you didn’t like it there? No, because that’s irrelevant.

But it’s easy to see what’s going on here. You’re made that now YOU are being treated how we were and it fucking sucks. You’re mad that your BORN AND/OR NATURALIZED RIGHTS are being violated by people in power who lie to you. People who make agreements and refuse to honor them.

Has happened a lot thru history. Is happening to america right now.....We should build a wall tho trump promised but didn't.

Lol they legit Indian gave you that border wall.

You can (falsely) accuse me of LARPing, and demand my PAPERS, PLEASE!!! which I would never post here. I know the truth, so I’m not bothered by that.

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yeah you should have built a wall, that is the main lesson here

why think people that conquered you and broke many agreements in the past would suddenly honor them.

what do you think of morning star bear, another larper?

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why think people that conquered you and broke many agreements in the past would suddenly honor them.

Because this nation was founded on Law, if we’re going to continue as a nation of law then that shit needs to be applied equally. The laws written for us are the only thing stopping them from completely stripping rights from all citizens. Our lands were granted to us as sovereign nations, if they can seize those lands for corporate interests, there is nothing stopping them from doing that to all citizens. This is why LANDBACK has been hijacked. This is why they have people like you arguing about a wall instead of who has the real power to dictate what happens on their PRIVATE PROPERTY, their SOVEREIGN LANDS. Are they going to strip the rights of CITIZENS in Arizona for occupying their own lands? If they do, then the charge would have to be REBELLION OR INSURRECTION. Funny how illegal immigrants and ALL those who aid them are not facing the same charges. Are you getting it yet?

what do you think of morning star bear, another larper?

She was caught LARPing and fired. Never heard of her before that.

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this nation was founded by conquerers. I do give native americans, and other minorites credit, now you have it easy with affirmative action you even have white people like morning star and yourself pretending to be native american, which shows racism has reversed onto white people. But you should be wary about immigration, it will destroy white communities of course but what happens when it reaches the reservations? Build walls now.

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There’s already been illegal immigrants barred from my reservation for crimes against tribal people, so trust me, I’m aware.

In AZ, it’s their land to decide if they want a wall or not, regardless of what you and I think, regardless of the greater impact for immigration UNLESS the gov admits they’re aiding a rebellion or insurrection, in which case they are guilty AND SO IS EVERY ORG HELPING IMMIGRANTS. I’m not even opposed to borders, how can I be if I’m defending property? These no border NGOs pollute our causes with global bullshit because they don’t want anyone but them to own land! The fact is that area of border is tribal property and their tribe’s decision. It’s either theirs or the government can take it back, take their sovereignty back, take their citizenship back, and take yours back too.

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barred? technically they're barred from coming into the entire USA but what good is a law if not enforced. Would the native american police authroties deport an illegal if they found one? I am sure they would. As is their right.

I'd assume you would want to expand your borders, to not just be forced onto small reservations but to take back land that was long ago stolen by immigrants from europe. That won't be happening due to any agreements, or contracts, only by war, and the barrel of a gun. You should want to anyways. It is also human nature to want to expand borders, it has happened, all of history is fighting over land. Native Americans are also being by a great replacement, numbers are dwindling due to inbreeding, lower birth rates, poor healthcare, some day perhaps they will be gone and the reservations will just be taken back.

It's not a states issue it's a fed govt issue to enforce the borders.