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Haven't seen you for a while!

Glad to see you back!

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I got doxxed. Mossad came to my town to play politics and target my kids. We made the NYT.

It wasn't great.

But we press on.

Gotta be informed for the Spring offensive. Lots of new candidates will have to be vetted.

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Wow. Heavy man. Sorry to hear that.

Care to share more about it?

What is "the Spring offensive"? Vetting for what?

What about the Dark Winter? (/s/Mandates, /s/FoodCrises, /s/Energy, /s/CyberWar, etc.)

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It's winding it's way through process, so best not to give away too much.

ADL/Mossad political operatives were caught orchestrating a media narrative with local politicians to force CRT onto students and parents.

The Spring Offensive will be a narrative change. You're already seeing some seeds of it. The whole machine is holding back, right now, because many new politicians will be hitting the scenes. That's why you're seeing recycling of the same arguments constantly. The political landscape will start to change, but the public will still be left in the dark about who is pulling the strings.

We, the public, are going to see as many candidates start to sign up and officially submit paperwork to run for offices, which ones are worth voting for, if any, or if we are going to be given only liberals and RINOs to vote for.

Trump did a number of things to slow the Dark Winter. First, he put Blackrock in charge of the stimulus, and not the FED. This created a balance of power, but not a good one. However, the corporate bond buys and other targeted stimulus spending on the stock market is still ongoing, quietly. They are propping up the stock market and forcing inflation to manage an invisible crash; where the market is high, but valueless.

It won't matter as much as in the past, because they are heavily using meme stock strategies where trading has zero correlation with actual value of stocks... which... the actual value? Lower than you'd think on nearly everything being traded, right now.

Trump also put into place, as a national security measure, tons of money and infrastructure to prevent shortages. While the cabal is still working at it, they were slowed greatly.

Consider this all a practice run for what the cabal would like to do, next.

The energy markets are still a sham. They have to control the energy markets because they are, ultimately, the stock market. The stock market is merely a holographic projection of the energy markets. Good news is that the market will start to price in space.

I think there is more and more evidence suggesting that certain powerful groups have either accomplished fusion energy or are stock piling small and efficient nuclear reactors. This will create a weird disconnect that I think we are already seeing.

Mandates are falling apart and maybe by Spring, they will be a non-issue. It's going to depend on how vocal the average citizen is about it.

Cyberwar is in full swing. All of your medical data has been exfiltrated, your marketing data, your eye movements, audio and video of inside your homes, etc. Machine learning, which knows your account balances, is going to get better at squeezing every penny out of each individual.

The Internet is fully weaponized. Anyone who uses is is mind controlled to a certain extent.

For anyone prepping, it's all about having skills and equipment to produce useful goods. CNC machines. Small chemistry labs. 3D Printers. Victory gardens/aquaponic gardens. Fishing poles. Hunting rifles. I don't anticipate a true collapse, but I do anticipate the Internet and media to be used to make it seem like it is impossible to get anything, whether it is true, or not.

I doubt toilet paper manufacturers are unprepared for another run.

Other than that, the narrative science is now being run by AI/machine learning. It is only going to get easier and easier to fake consensus on your screens. People will need to disconnect, en masse.

The cabal really, really needs you to look at your screens as much as possible. The repetition and saturation is the key to their mind control.

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great, great comment

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This is some really deep and heavy shit worth floating out there for others to weigh in on. IMO you should repost it in /s/Conspiracy, /s/CriticalThoughts, and/or /s/Predictions or /s/PredictTheFuture.

I don't see why they don't have safer small liquid thorium-salt reactors for the elites. The only reason we all don't have them is because they don't want us to have them. I have them in my Bittersweet Seeds story set in 2045.

The Internet is fully weaponized. Anyone who uses is is mind controlled to a certain extent.

Certain, and uncertain unknown extents too. I only know some of what I don't know.

Prepping networks is important too. Circles within circles overlapping with circles of prepper communities. If one doesn't work out you migrate to another - but you need to know before you go, because some are not good fits.

We need to disconnect from shitty corporate MSM and social media, but we need to remain communicating. What do you think about making online networks of indie social media platforms with trusted people? ie. /s/Cassy

Please have a peek at /s/Cassy. It's been a while since I've given an update, but some things seem like they are happening around the corner, and then more things happen. It's frustrating for me doing a lot of talk, but I either don't have the means, get distracted, or lose momentum, or am waiting on the next promising thing. This winter is my proving ground, with some online and now local support.

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reminds me of how they are making "doing your own research" into a bad thing

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I was a moderator of /r/Intelligence


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The good news is that we can all make this site great.

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Just got this e-mail. Right after my respond. Related?

from lussybaby sent 2 minutes ago
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Ofcourse I sent her all my personal information.

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I got 3 of those messages.

We have a date tomorrow night. I hope it's not a dude in a dress.

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I got one too.

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When you ban all dissent you end up with a very dull site. Reddit will not be the first social media site to fail and it won't be the last.

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I liked Cropitekus and the other admin/contributors' content and intel boards too. I wasn't expecting them to be shut down, but reddit has been going down so sharply recently that it doesn't surprise. I rarely use reddit these days---a few times a year, down from a rate of many times per day. The biggest problem I have with them is that they do massive tracking + machine fingerprinting an IDing, across multiple devices. Seems also to me they might make users' devices available for targeting to shady or criminal organizations or lawless rogue states; if I had to guess, worse than your normal live real time bidding targeted ads where the ads are poorly audited and logged/archived or not at all.

And the censorship there is just so absurd that I think people would be fleeing in droves sooner or later.