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remember to use a vpn when running this wonderful tool. for a starting point (for one should not trust random vpn merchants online) i use mullvard.

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VPNs are a scam. They are a centralized point of surveillance.

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Could you provide command liine use cases for how to download from other sites?

youtube-dl youtube/blahblahlbah almost always works

how does that look for other sites? very intersted, and how about bitchute?

note: very important to be archiving important historical videos as none of these platforms are commited to the public interest and a consistent historical record, everything there can be manipulated for a price

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These all work for me:

  • Bitchute: video link: youtube-dl
  • Twitter: just the status link: youtube-dl
  • Reddit: Comments link: youtube-dl
  • even (same as YouTube I guess): youtube-dl

List of supported sites:

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wonderful. now try jdownloader

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Is that open-source? It doesn't seem to be to me, but perhaps I'm wrong.

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Here is a SVN repo I could find:

Still, open source is not enough. If you can't build and run your modified version from source, it's like Android in that the devs are still under control of what the users do.

I try to use the term "free" or "libre" software as per FSF.

I did not attempt to build this project, it is up to you.

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I see. I was just thinking that there was no reason to use a closed source program if there's a perfectly fine (and perhaps better) open source one.