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This won't just destroy reddit.

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Reddit, Twitter, etc., should just stop acting like fucking publishers then, and Trump wouldn't do stuff like this. Maybe Trump doesn't plan to follow through, and is just using this as a way to threaten these companies into backing off and respecting the First Amendment.

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Was a time when site owners were concerned with only taking down illegal shit. That was easy and why a website that’s not profitable wants to hire departments full of staff to censor shit is beyond me. It doesn’t make sense. Sure it’s more palatable for advertisers but will you get more advertising dollars to justify the 500k a year you’re paying to retain all those blue haired censors?

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That was easy and why a website that’s not profitable wants to hire departments full of staff to censor shit is beyond me. It doesn’t make sense

Doesn't make sense to me either, unless you consider that the CIA or (((whoever))) pulls the strings is still operating a Mockingbird-type of operation and are funding and/or requiring the censorship of certain topics.

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Very true. The CIA is not on the side of the people. They are an org run by cold hearted assasins, and scientists looking for new ways to murder.

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If they are not on the side of the people, whose side do you think they are on?

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Yup, and Ziofascism and anti-peacetime via strategy of tension. The CIA and Likudniks and p2 lodge (noahide Freemasons killed JFK).

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Choke on a dick Reddit!

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So reddit mad that it can’t push its own bullshit narratives and drown out any free speech because it doesn’t fit their agenda?

Suck a fat cock reddit... you’re a fucking cesspit and you deserve whatever is coming your way from the way you’ve behaved the last few years.

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Good riddance, shithole. I was getting sick of that censorious site.

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Reddit and other mainstream sites vastly change the trajectory of the web, but dont like it when anyone else does it.

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They either banned all the "women's" subs or forced them to admit men who think they're women. They banned a female only lesbian sub for not allowing males. They can go suck on the dicks they seem to enjoy so much.

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This is hilarious because these radical feminists freely banned anyone who disagreed with them. Now the same is being done to them and they don't like it one bit. Poetic justice is so rare in the world.

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banning people from a subreddit is one thing, banning them from the entire platform is completely different. the "radical feminists" didn't ban anyone from their subs any more than anyone else did, so I'm not sure what "poetic justice" you speak of. Besides which, not all females/lesbians are radfems, so you mostly just sound like the idiot that you likely are.

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Personal attacks are explicitly forbidden by saidit rules. Please stop and make arguments instead.

the "radical feminists" didn't ban anyone from their subs any more than anyone else did,

They certainly did. They interpret disagreement as harassment. Thus any who dare contradict them get banned.

That's why it was so wonderful to see them get the exact same treatment at the hands of even more radical leftists. I thought they might learn something about the value of not banning people, but no. They moved to saidit and immediately started banning people again. Pretty sad honestly.

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"They interpret disagreement as harassment. Thus any who dare contradict them get banned."

You are basically describing all of reddit, but whatever broheim.

"They moved to saidit..."

No, they didn't actually. Super impressive display of knowledge.

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I mean, any sub has a right to set its own rules, why wouldn't it? Sometimes people don't look for endless debates, there are even separate debate subs for that where all those disagreeing people can go. Point is that the site should allow the subs do what they want, be impartial platform for any kind of sub to exist.

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So when you censor others it's OK, but when others censor you it's not OK.

This is literally how primitive peoples think. It is pre-enlightenment thought. Back when the world was Christians and heathens. And you're the Christians.

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Lol what. I have no problem with antifeminists having their own subreddits/saidits and not allowing feminist debaters in. I do have a problem with saidit not allowing antifeminists/feminists to create forums. A pretty obvious difference ; )

To simplify - it's OK to create your own school club and set any rules there and not allow some people in. It's not OK for a school to only allow school clubs for physics geeks and not allow clubs for chemistry geeks.

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You have really bizarre, highly specific standards that appear to have been set backwards,in order to create an environment where you can censor others but they may not censor you.

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Reddit's been a 'publisher' since the Great Spezzing. Since Thanksgiving of 2016, it's been impossible to prove an actual "user" has posted anything attributed to him/her. Reddit has the credibility of a "reality-TV" show.

And don't give me "IP addresses" or 'logs', either. An "IP Address" has been conclusively found in multiple courts to not equal a person, and a "log" is a text file that a first-day unix student can change the contents and the 'date/time stamp'.

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They are a publisher, a porn publisher.

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There was a list of all the really degenerate porn subs that was floating around and posted every time reddit banned a sub. There were a ton of pedo subs and subs dedicated to giving advice to be a better prostitute and shit. Another one dedicated to huffing vcr cleaning fluid to get high and have better gay sex. It was revolting what they allow on that site.

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Yeah; there was a sub; 'watchredditdie' that used to post it periodically, with advice to forward the list to advertisers.

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If they open up lawsuits by revoking 230, I plan to sue the site for taking down my sub r/gulpingsoylent.

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I don't live in America but if I did I'd sue the hell out of them for r/coomer, r/consumeproduct, and maybe r/wpd too for the heck of it.

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Reddit is now Directly Interfering in the Election.
If Trump does not stop this, it will just get worse.
And a lot more need to be done..

The tech companies will not stop interfering!

They will even shut down half the internet, and just make up fake news everyday, just to make Trump lose.
Even fake the outcome of the elections.

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Trump is colluding with all the same companies Biden is, he just has a character on stage that y'all are falling for. I see no chance of Trump doing anything truly right and noble in his final months (or years?) in office. Politics is a sham.

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He has marketing, the have propaganda. The difference is the funding source, and tactics.

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lol there is no difference

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One is legal, the other isn't. Trump is within the law.

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Lmao you are adorable, truly

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they unfairly trying to influence the election. they banned donald. installed all pro democrat power mods. all new users are auto subscibed to these subs. it gives the illusion that the majority of the internet believes like them. that can really sway public opinion. there are so many people that just go with the majority. now they have a major advertising campaign right before the election telling people to come to reddit where your vote actually matters or some nonsense slogan.

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Yeah, that's the point.

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"the very trajectory of the internet" you mean blatant propaganda and astroturfing? reddit hypocrites

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Reddit is a shit hole of epic proportions that deserves to be wiped of the face of the web!

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Digitally erased.

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Reddit argued that because moderaters of the subreddits remove content within them based on the rules of each community, changes to Section 230 would “undermine” that system

Funny. They fail to mention how admins unilaterally remove communities. This is not about in-community moderation.

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You mean all those left wing reddit admins are upset they might not be able use free labour and content to make money.