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To add to this, I'd like a program that automatically downloads videos from youtube channels as soon as they get uploaded.

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just use the recency flags from youtube-dl with a crontab that scans fast enough (be sure to avoid blocks from youtube idk if there are any but it seems likely), as youtube-dl don't redo anything

edit: another way is to perhaps use some sorta 'youtube-bell-api'

edit2: one can further expand this into uploading this to a video site he likes automatically just after that youtube channel got uploaded, an immediate video mirror service. that'd be interesting. like 'if your channel has over 10k subs and my site likes your channel, and your video often gets banned, then my site's gonna mirror them for you', that kinda thing.

[–]Drewski 4 insightful - 1 fun4 insightful - 0 fun5 insightful - 1 fun -  (1 child) has a lot of deleted youtube videos.

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edit: another way to expand this 'fruit of victory' is to use alexa site info (just google these three words) and put the site you mentioned into it. alexa pops out related sites. or use some 'google-fu' to search related sites by i haven't practiced that (i know there are reverse-engineering / pentesting / information seucrity books about it though, first heard the word 'google-fu' from one such book i forgot though...)

edit2: i think i'd put together a github project called 'internet-nosedive' or something (english not my mother tongue pls come up with a fancy project name XD) if i got time cause all the instructions now are how to set up pgp keys for drugs on tor

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You can use youtube-dl if you want to archive it yourself.

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yeah, that's a very nice project.

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A significant portion of Youtube videos are archived by You can try this link:[VIDEO ID]

where you replace [VIDEO ID] by the video ID. If they have it, it redirects you immediately to the video and you can easily download it as well.

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edit: ...okay, i know wayback machine for quite a while i just forgot to bring it up. are there any other alternatives? even if it's not something like wayback machine or the pirate bay, just something like odysee, but not paid like nebula (btw plz list nebula / netflix hacks that's not checking the torrent sites if you have something!)

original comment:thanks!

youtube-dl is also a great project, allows ppl to download youtube (and a couple dozen porno sites XD) in bulk (by views, by user, by time, etc.) check it out, it's great.

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You can also try to determine the title by startpaging the ID, and then use the exact title as a search term to find a mirror of it.

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yeah that also helps. also duckduckgo it.

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I still mention jewgle because their results are better so long as they aren't censored. This is obscure enough not to be censored. I changed it to "startpaging," though; I think I'm going to start using that.

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'jewgle' lol