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Does anyone want to work on an uncensored search engine with me? We can have separate Yacy instances, and link them together, and fight through the Yacy bugs together. It takes about 4GB of RAM because Yacy is Java hell, so it won't be cheap.

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search for

google censors searches entire internet erased

notice on the first page how many results their are

About 84,900,000 results (0.68 seconds)

go to the last page of results (for me it was page 4)

notice the number of "results"

Page 4 of about 175 results (0.62 seconds)

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What about Brave search?

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It was an abject failure. Cloudflare requires JS to be enabled which Lynx does not support therefore Saidit on Lynx is not an option. :(

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Guess I'll use Lynx on the shell and do my searches through Searx instances from now on. I'm kidding about the Lynx part. It's cool but not very practical; it's a pain in the ass navigating with the up/down/left/right, tab and enter keys. Actually, I'm gonna run a test rn. I'll try commenting from Lynx. I'm stoned and this seems like a good idea for whatever reason... BRB

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On a serious note: links -g is actually a pleasant experience. The big problem is that it doesn't consistently store your browsing history.

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Cool! It's similar to Lynx. Navigating is interesting to say the least. It offered to display a png and I got a wall of gibberish.

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What about other images? It should display them just fine.

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I was running the text-based executable in the terminal. I thought it would display the media by opening a window like its own X11 instance. Turns out you need links2 on linux and you run that executable with the -g argument. I still can't log into Saidit though.

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Oh right, I forget that there's a separate version called links. It's also used synonymously with links2, since the command doesn't include the 2. But no, there's no JS so cloudflare will bar you from a lot of sites. There's elinks which partially supports JS (through a module), and with tweaking you can also get it to display images as well. But it runs in a terminal, so headings have the same size as regular text. You have to be dedicated. For a more complete but still very minimal experience, try netsurf. That one works out of the box with a graphical interface and JS support. I'm not sure exactly how secure it is, but I think it doesn't execute all of the JS.

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IMO, everything is being tracked and your best bet is to assume this to be true.

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The stupid article talks all about privacy and doesn't mention censorship. Typical of moronic modern scum. Censorship matters, privacy doesn't.

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It's just repackaged Bing results. That's the downside. It's part of the censorship bubble.

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Thanks for sharing but for me this is not enough reason to not use DDG

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    No problem.

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    This is ridiculous. You can provide location based search results without storing the IP address. Every web request has an origin IP standard. If you want you change that, use a VPN. Granted it would be nice to turn off location based results if you want to but for most users it’s preferred.

    This article is a lot of hand wringing for nothing.

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    I just want a good alternative that requires no JavaScript or client side bull and at least doesn't block Tor, while a Tor server address would be nice.

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    Try Yandex, Petal and Searx

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    Yandex sends Tor users captchas. I don't know Petal. Searx is great.

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    Thanks for warning again and again.

    These posts should be in hot. Instead of all this bs about thots and these moronic bobbleheads, again and again.

    Because these are things, people actually can change for themselves.