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In 2009, banned from an SAMP server for saying "too many niggas" for "racism" - It was laggy and I was complaining there were too many people.

I got banned from a gaming forum for doing good in a GTA IV race with the admins and some close-knit friends, where I ended up stopping my vehicle way up ahead, letting them catch up, then speeding off again. It was one or two races of a little teasing (why does it matter? I would have won anyway) but I got an ear-ful.

Banned from reddit /blackpeoplegifs. There was a funny gif of a black guy doing math in his head before he did a fail. I commented "Yo, dis is racis cuh he low iq" They banned me without providing a reason, so I stated my case and pointed out their hypocrisy. They don't even know I'm black, they just assume I'm the mortal enemy. They remained up on their high horses and said "Get outta here you racist motherfucker" and muted me.

/relationships banned me after some ghetto Mexican chick posted some breakup shit. It was a long post, and I posted "Nigga, that's a lotta text. You expect me to read that shit?" Of course I read it, cuz im there too read shit, but again, I was banned for "racism"

There's more, but I can't keep count of that shit, son. The world doesn't deserve me.

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Banned from reddit conspiracy sub for calling someone a shill. Banned from reddit socialism sub for posting in support of Julian Assange they framed that as, rape apologia.

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oh. new story!

I got suspended from reddit for posting 'violent content'.

It was: "deus vult" (latin for 'god wills it')

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I was banned from /r/offmychest for saying lol in /r/tumblrinaction.....

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There's a sub here, about hydrogen. THe mod makes all sorts of wild claims about how 'green' the stuff is.

So I pointed out that it isn't green, rather neutral, since it takes electricity to create, and it takes a lot of electricity. I referenced projections on NZ's grid needing to double, the unreliability of renewables and the requirement for ether conventional backup or the acceptance of blackouts.

The mod refused to address any point, insulting my intelligence and intentions and simply quoting 'authorities' who try and sell H2 as 'green' (ie, advertising).

I got him to admit that he understood the energy implications, and then pointed out that his constant claims of green therefore made him a liar. He banned me shortly after.

So. Mod failed to engage in debate, using none of the upper sections of the pyramid of debate, and moving into the bottom rung himself. He then accused me of his sins when I called him a liar and then shut down the dissenting voice to his bullshit.


But pretty standard fare for redditors.

talking about you, /u/chop_chop

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I got banned from /r/freethought for pointing out that both factions of the corporate party "democrats" and "republicans" serve the same plutocracy.

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I agree with both factions of the corporate party "democrats" and "republicans" serve the same plutocracy.

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The only time I was ever banned from a website was when I was helping to moderate/supervise a website, and I made an account on one of our competitor sites using the same name. My intention was to extend an olive branch to them.....but since a lot of them were on this second site because I had banned them from the first, I suppose turnabout was fair play.

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Which site? Can you point it out?

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I cannot.

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I try not to think about it. Too many bitter memories...

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So give us vague and unidentifiable details.

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I once called out JIDF for pushing propaganda in a thread, and they complained to reddit admins, who dug in to my reddit account history back 6 months or more, and found 1 infraction (upvoting myself), and all my accounts were banned from all of reddit because of it. Then they took over my subreddit in redditrequest and posted the JIDF flag just to spite me: They even modified the CSS of the sub to remove my name from the "Created by" credits.

Pretty fucked up tbh, and worse that the reddit admins were so keen to help these people. Learning how deeply this corruption runs was one of the main reasons I was motivated to make saidit.

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Posting a kind of content really easy to trigger some psychos digging your account: which is anti-feminism, in my experience, they are very united morden evil cults, many hidden members for just doing something like that and keeping to click the "report" button. And they believe they are "JUSTICE".


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I met the almost same event today, since I gave bad reviews of best-selling books on . They are digging my account...