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why not 4chan then, it was basically a mirror site. Zeronet seems pretty good, like total change in format of free speech. Apparently the porn side is a bit downhill but I don't look at porn bc I get pussy.

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The guy built 8chan and defended it as a completely uncensored international site. He created a forum for the most depraved and outlandish discussions. Thousands of mass killings have occurred across the globe since the beginning of 8chan. Now 8chan is advocating for US government censorship after only two shootings in the US. The protests in Hong Kong are being suppressed because 8chan is down. The Epstein investigation is being suppressed because 8chan is down. It does not make sense that the arbiter of free speech won’t put his site back up until he gets foreign government censorship implemented.

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8chan changed hands, the thumb-photo is not the creator it's the current owner.

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Unless 8chan is another controlled opposition site...

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Seems likely now.

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This guy looks like a commie Jew. 8chan is a honeypot site.

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Fun Fact: Jesus preached communistic principles, and was also jewish... ;-)

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The word Jew didn't exist during Jesus's time. He ended oral law and broke stupid and complicated traditions that the hypocrite pharisees and their money changers preached. He was Judean but not a Jew like the Jews of today. He was in fact a savior to the pharisees, even the samaritans who were gentiles and everyone in between, his ways were unlike the saducees and pharisees. Also, he preached individualism and charity on a local scale. He didn't preach fascist communism.

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He didn't preach fascist communism.

I agree that he didn't teach fascism in any manner; given fascism didn't exist at the time.

However, the "communistic ideal" is essentially what Jesus' message preached.

He would probably be best described as an anarchocommunist.

BTW: I don't support communism in any way. It's not feasible, because it can only work if the world is entirely populated with people who are just as principled as Jesus.

I think that the best we can probably hope for, is some system similar to the civilian life in Star Trek.

If such a society were to exist; the next priority is to avoid going on any mission while wearing one of those red shirts... ;-)

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Bs. In the worker in vineyard parable, Jesus basically said people should be paid what they are worth, not equally. This alone disprove any communistic values.

In another parable of the valuable coins, he conveys people are rewarded for what they improved on. The lazy man that bury his possession was not only scolded but had his valuables taken away.

There's a consistent message Jesus keep saying about working hard and getting paid. Not begging for hand outs.

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There's a consistent message Jesus keep saying about working hard and getting paid. Not begging for hand outs.

I'm not sure what you mean by Benning for hand outs.

Are you suggesting that communism would be a lifestyle of lazy handouts?

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Isn't that what welfare is? Though when it come to using violence to kill and steal from others, they are not lazy in that aspect.

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If you source your info from strictly Western news, then this is the logical conclusion.

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Thank you. Jesus was no socialist or communist. That is a myth pushed by crony socialists. He preached community and individual charity w/ local elements of socialism but not the so called socialism created by engles and Marx. Jesus could have cared less about any of this worldliness.

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Highly debatable. Abandoning the love of money is just as valid in a communist society as it is in a capitalist society. The apostles lived as a commune but I don't think they were instructed to. There is no instruction like there is for Sharia law... "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's" was the instruction.

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What's not debatable was his principles of universal equality in the eyes of God, and his philosophy of giving away all material possessions to be shared with the community.

That's the fundamental ideal of communism. It's never been legitimately practiced in any organized political manner.

Some families could be considered communistic, where each member enthusiastically shares everything material with the other family members.

Marx never elaborated on what he thought communism would be like. He was probably an oppositional PsyOp agent, and I question his sincerity about his controversial philosophy.

Jesus was without a doubt morally legit; except for the cursing of the fig tree and the pigs. Those two situations could have been handled a bit differently... ;-)

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giving away all material possessions to be shared with the community

I think the quote is if you have 2 tunics and someone has none, give them one. It's charity and humanity first.

He told a rich guy that to be perfect he should ditch all of his possessions and follow God. It sounds communal ish, not sure if it's really communism. There are some parallels for sure.

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I ageee to an extent, but that still doesn't resemble the modern communistic thought of today or those preached by Engles and Marx, or thr comintern, or the Bolsheviks. Back then, communities were tightly knit, unlike today, which preaches competition and individualism above all. Jesus preached individual charity and socialistic aspects of morality on a local scale, not in political or economic thought but on the basis of morality.

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I ageee to an extent, but that still doesn't resemble the modern communistic thought of today or those preached by Engles and Marx, or thr comintern, or the Bolsheviks.

I mostly agree. The majority of these were authoritarians. Elite rule is always a problem.

I don't know about Marx, cause I can't recall that he described what communism would be like.
It would probably be similar to the others, but it's difficult to know for sure.

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Another bastion of free speech is crumbling due to these hoaxes.