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So, you have taken upon the task of leading a sub(ection)of the Saidit community with your wisdom. No only are you wise in the gathering of your own truth (or other) sources, you have found yourself capable enough to deem sources of others worthy or unworthy and users allowed, restricted or banned/barred.

This is the latest version of the plaintext-Grimoire from the still active Mnemonic1 , it tells of it's journey from a "clickity-clack I'm really just a hack"-mod to the fully revered 'modgod', aka The Cyber-Aeon, aka Brahman's PDA and last and most a 'Saidit moderator'. As you can read, perhaps hear if Saidit has nice accessibility tags [If not, seek help and notify someone], this information is freely available2 and gives one enormous powers. Although mods are an important part of Saidit, they themselves have to take care of their sub(s) which are even more important. For this duty mods get a couple of tools, styling options and more. The beginning of the mod journey begins with these basics and therefor this text starts with it, some parts are skipped over and will be revisited later.

  • 0000 Naming your sub

  • 0001 Creating your sub

  • 0010 Banner/header of your sub [Not yet complete]

  • 0011 Sub settings [Not yet written]

  • 0100 Moderation of submissions [Not yet written]

  • 0101 Moderation of users [Not yet written]

  • 0110 Wiki usage [Not yet written]

  • 0111 Moderation tools [Not yet written]

  • 1000 Appendix I {CSS cheatsheet} [Not yet written]

  • 0000 Naming your sub

The name of your sub can be personal (like a blog) or when tackling a broader theme/optic it might be good to choose a name that people who are looking for that stuff can recognise it instantly (See /s/Internet {shameless self shill}). Keep in mind the Capitalisation of letters for the URL is permanent. When musing about the name take some time to think of how you envision your sub going, this will help when you finally create it and filling out the other forms and representation.

  • 0001 Creating your sub

It's as easy as filling in all the forms:

  • Title [is the title in the tab (html <title> tag)]

  • description [Is what people see in the sub-list, short summary of your sub]

  • sidebar [Can be a long description of the sub, is found right under the chat and above the moderation tools.]

  • submission text [A small text message people see pop up under the sub choice section when choosing your sub as sub to post the link/text to]

  • all the options till look and feel [self explanatory, later in the section about those, best left untouched unless you know what you're doing]

  • look and feel [Your header Around 170px in height and not larger than 1376px wide (You can use a wider one, but that is explained in 0010)]

  • You can adjust these setting by going to your sub, look right and scroll down till you see the 'Moderation tools' and choose the first link 'sub settings'.

  • 0010 Banner/header of your sub

For having a wider banner/replacing the saidit banner altogether, you will have to go to the Moderation tools and click the second link 'edit stylesheet'. Here you have to first upload your banner (under the code-edit block) and then paste this code (with replacing 'Banner' for your bannername as stated below after the upload).

/* This is used for when your Banner is too wide, it replaces the original saidit one and makes it scale with the screen instead of adding a scrollbar, No need to use the banner option in the settings menu if you do this*/
#header { background-image: url(%%Banner%%); }
#header-img, #header-img.default-header { background-image: none; min-height: 170px; }

Save and tada!

  • 0011 Sub settings

  • 0100 Moderation of submissions

  • 0101 Moderation of users

  • 0110 Wiki usage

  • 0111 Moderation tools

  • 1000 Appendix {CSS cheatsheet}

.1 [Yes, it was snek, Inventoresse of Everything]

.2 [You can always donate somewhere in the footer or your local charity, because when is not stable you become less able.]

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