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A great many people did say something. We warned that the first sub to be banned was the beginning of a slippery slope. That pretty soon, bans would be used for political purposes, to sway elections.

Pro-censorship advocates, in a move that would today be termed "gaslighting", ensured us that this was not a slippery slope, and that it was only egregious content that would be banned.

2016 was the year things accelerated. Free discussion online, a large part of it in response to Black Lives Matter, Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory, helped secure the election of Donald Trump and the exit of the UK from the European Union. This surge in nationalist sentiment, while modest, spooked the powers that be, and one of the largest propaganda campaigns in history, "The Resistance", set out to prevent it from ever happening again.

Activist groups pressured the media to run 24/7 "Orange Man Bad" content, attacking Donald Trump as a fascist, a Nazi, a sexist, a racist and all manner of other slurs. Disparate elements joined together in reaction to this, including r/The_Donald. This content defending Trump became labelled as so-called "Hate Speech" by activist shill accounts and bots that amplified this message, while at the same time Trump supporters were being accused of being Russian bots in a textbook case of Marx's maxim, "Accuse your enemy of what you are doing, as you are doing it to create confusion."

The cultural rot accelerated. Absurd claims from Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory, having incubated on Tumblr, and widely mocked at the time, now started to become gospel truth in a new religion. Any dissent from these ideas was now being routinely dismissed as "a rise in far-right radicalization". In reality, simply holding a centrist liberal view from circa 2005 was enough to get one branded a "far-right extremist". This widely-reported rise in "far-right extremism" was accepted unthinkingly by the politically-ignorant masses and they unwittingly helped enable further suppression on Reddit, supporting subreddit bans and then quarantines for major subreddits.

In 2020, with the majority of dissenting subs quarantined or suppressed, the second time Black Lives Matter was pushed, there was no memetic resistance to its spread. Systems were in place to downvote and suppress comments critical of the movement. Those claims from Critical Race Theory were now accepted by the visible majority of Reddit, and those claims state that "racism" is omnipresent in society, and that everyone must fight to defeat it.

Of course the only trace of "racism" left was a few humor and debate subs that had been quarantined or suppressed anyway. In the wake of Black Lives Matter, a quixotic Reddit decided to strike the killing blow to the enemy who was already defeated.

The story isn't over. This pattern repeats on scales large and small, through every community, as the Western world spirals into death.

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Wow, incredible summary.

In reality, simply holding a centrist liberal view from circa 2005 was enough to get one branded a "far-right extremist".

100% agree with this. It's insane.

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Yep. Radical feminists are extremely left wing as a group but are being consistently labelled as far right.

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Wdym they are labeled as far right? They're usually labeled as far left. Unless you're talking about TERFs?

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Most feminists who don't buy TWAW are left wing as hell. I'm probably one of the half dozen posting here from the other side of the fence.

TERF is a slur. Don't use that here.

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Don't try to censor them! /s

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lol fuck TERFs

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This is why I can't stand people who criticize ANY slippery slope as being "invalid".

How about all the times in the past where it WAS valid (like you noted above). If the slippery slope actually happens every time, guess what, it is a valid response to the argument.

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Yeah, but Donald Trump actually is an idiot. I don't think it's some conspiracy to think so... it's just having 2 eyes and any sort of moral compass.

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It's a case of "Trump supporters are morons, but I'll defend their right to be morons"

Personally, reddit banning "RightWingLGBT" was the absolute proof they are banning wrongthink. Not remotely my community, but I'm pretty sure they existed.

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His stupidity actually made things worse because it meant people could criticize him on the grounds that he's an idiot, where their real reason was that they're communists and they must purge any right-wing thought. It got a lot of centrists/center-right on board with joining "The Resistance" and ushering in leftist censorship.

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There are almost 0 actual communists in any position of power anywhere in the United States. The fact that you think there are any communists in positions of power in the States is pretty funny though, I'll give you that. U.S. Communists would actually very much understand why banning speech is bad, if anyone would, since historically it was Communists who were blacklisted in the 50's in our country. Even if they had only attended a meeting or two at a time when that was quite common.

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There are almost 0 actual communists in any position of power anywhere in the United States. The fact that you think there are any communists in positions of power in the States is pretty funny though, I'll give you that.

There are absolutely many neo-Marxists in positions of power. They form the HR and PR departments of major corporations, they are the editors of newspapers, they are the directors of movies and TV shows. They are the leaders of Black Lives Matter, which has been praised by governments and corporations worldwide. They have internalized totally a religion of equality in which different identity groups are viewed as "oppressor" and "oppressed" (in contrast to traditional materialist Marxism in which class is the sole consideration). By constructing these ideas, they invoke an inverse force against those designated as "oppressors". Class is simply lower down their list.

I sympathize to some extent with traditional Marxists who feel that this craziness has really taken things off course, but this is yet another case of "this isn't real communism" when this is literally how communism has gone every time. Purges of dissidents, purges of those who initially helped to tear down the old system, tearing down of monuments, destruction of culture, and concentration of power in a tiny elite while average middle-class people have their quality of life decimated. All we're missing is the famine.

U.S. Communists would actually very much understand why banning speech is bad, if anyone would, since historically it was Communists who were blacklisted in the 50's in our country. Even if they had only attended a meeting or two at a time when that was quite common.

They understand why banning speech is bad for those who are banned. It's become quite clear over recent years that censorship works and all of those centrist copes that "censorship will drive it underground and make it worse" just simply weren't true. They're quite happy to censor others to protect their power as we can see today.

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trotsky probably would recognize the craziness has taken things of course, he basically got cancelled and stalin said he wasn't woke enough.

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0 actual communists in any position of power


Also, marxists that run Reddit clearly don't care about freedom of speech as is evident by the constant banwaves and demonizing of people they consider "the majority".

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dude, the guys who run reddit have no inclination to spread their money to the masses. They are, at best, uncle Stalin.

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Still sounds like every communist ever.

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Trotsky would like a word with you but he but got a bit murdered. Nothing to see here.

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They were talking about voters.

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this is done on purpose, long time democrat and friend of the clintons. Get in there when Hillary loses on purpose by not campaigining in the rust belt. Act like a fool for two terms and get the sjws riled up into a tizzy while having all the same policies as Obama.

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Done. Let's see if it gets censored lol

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link? their is like 45 000 replies...

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And it got deleted. Wow. The level of censorship is off the charts.

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Absolutely nailed it. Saved.

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Welcome ! I came after the "first" banning of The_Donald, the quarantining for unknown reasons. Free speech is here, including all the speech I don't like. And I can do this one weird trick when that speech comes up - ignore it !

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What is this magic of ignoring speech you are speaking of? Obviously HERESY!

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Begone ! (Gestures furiously in the air)

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Awesome! I love it already!

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i also hate fat people

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I don't, and neither did that sub. Fat people often came to the sub asking to be insulted as motivation to improve their health. I love all people. I hate being unhealthy, and want to encourage others to be healthy for their own good and for their families.

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That is definitely not what /r/fatpeoplehate was about.

It was filled with stories about how disgusting fat people are. There wasn't anything motivational about it.

/r/fatlogic is more like what you describe.

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I remember fatlogic! I liked that one and I didn't even need to lose weight, I had other things I wanted motivational help for but it seemed so nice. Found it when looking for fitness advice.

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/r/fatlogic is actually the reason I lost 70 pounds. I had no idea about calories in/calories out.

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I think fph got banned for some really privacy violating screensnaps of people's private social media pages, family photos, including their faces etc. They were very personal attacks on private citizens, which were out of order.

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Oh man, you never browsed it.

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I was subbed.

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I don't, and neither did that sub. Fat people often came to the sub asking to be insulted as motivation to improve their health. I love all people. I hate being unhealthy, and want to encourage others to be healthy for their own good and for their families.

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Anyone remember the Ellen Pao saga? People complained but still either stayed or eventually came back. This time we have to fully boycott the site and stay away. Only way things will change is if sites know censorship is not viable.

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one problem there was there was a mod who ran their AMA sub that they kicked out. They dared fire a woman! Sexist. I think they won't make that mistake again, they don't let it be publicized who mods are so who is to say if one is a woman, or a woke person, or a black or gay person.

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And now I'm here.

Good thing you got here early. Their next plan was to convince you to chop it off. ;-)

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At the same time those who bans members groups/subereddit/page/accounts etc.. are kinda surprised to see others site/network to emerge. Youtube close channel and they are now surprise to see bitchute arise.. Twitter banned people for nothing and now these same people are surprise to see Parler arise... The same is happening with Facebook.. all those anti freedom of speech sites are going the DIGG/MySpace/Delicious a few years they gonna struggle to paid their bills as more and more people are banned or quitting, so this is mean less click and less eyes to see advertising.

Also the people behind FB,Twitter, Reddit, YT etc.. do not seem to understand that BLM/SJW/Intersectionnal/breadtube ideologues are NEVER gonna be please, they never have enough and in the long run, they will push all those big network to bankruptcy.

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Ah, FatPeopleHate. Feels like a lifetime ago.

Funny enough, I started using Reddit to keep up with HoN news - which was, back then, the largest competitor to LoL, and is now buried and forgotten.

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Fat people hate helped me lose weight actually. it's bull crap that they took it down.

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The first casualty in war is always the truth.

The first casualty in a "serious" ideological dispute is the sense of humour.

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No one will hear your voice in a dictatorship. So don't feel bad, spread the word and get more former Redditors on here (or other Reddit alternatives).

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I began using Reddit after the great Digg 2.0 fiasco. Never thought I'd see Reddit make such a similar massive blunder. Reddit's whole appeal was that it was a hip fun free speech platform where anyone could make a community, whereas Digg was only sterile corporate trash. I guess things change after you get bought by Conde Nast...

I look forward to also using Saidit for a decade and watching it slowly sell itself out to its corporate overlords :(

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Most people went to voat a long time ago.

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I checked out voat and got to a holocaust denier and COVID hoaxer in the first link I clicked....

I think I'm ok on that one. I don't need the Q crazy in my life.

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It is full of that crap, but they push it extra hard when they expect an influx of 'normies'.

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It seems overrun with undesirable behavior now, unfortunately.

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Best disinfectant for bad ideas is sunlight.

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i did go there when fat people hate got banned, to go to their similar sub. I ended up getting banned at voat for not being insane enough.

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How do you end up getting banned from there haha.

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not sure truth is this was a couple of years ago, I guess nowadays no one runs voat and there are no mods so no one gets banned, which I support the idea of, but I do think it is a honeypot for catching people with wrongthink. I looked into how here magnora does a canary post every month and what that proves. The guy putt at voat used to do one and stopped which shows it got taken over by the govt.

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They ALWAYS come first for the clowns ... because it is their job to speak truth to power.

After that it depends ...

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Just let the gays get married they said. What’s the worst that could happen they said.

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Is fit to fat a thing here? I miss that sub :-(

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i had forgotten about fatpeoplehate, i really enjoyed the sanity of that place.

for a sub with the word Hate in it, it had a lot of sane rational discussion.

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Out of curiosity what was the draw to fatpeoplehate? I went once looking for a more balanced view on the fatphobia thing, but it literally was a sub full of vile hatred on purpose lol. Was it like, some fun boredom busting to do? Was it backlash against body positivity? or do you legitimately despise all fat people