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Welcome friend, you're absolutely right about the state of reddit. I recently noticed that 99% of my subs reduced to 2 topics: Covid or Racism. That, and getting bullied whenever going against reddit's narratives. So fuck that. Welcome and see you around!

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I got so sick of the anti-conservative, anti-Trump (not that I'm pro trump, I can just see both sides of his coin and I don't think hes been a bad president), anti-free speech circle jerk of reddit, I stopped going into any posts or subs aside from a few very niche subs that hadn't been overrun by SJWs, and /r/conspiracy. If you mention something even remotely not Woke you are instantly brigaded and shouted down as a racist/transphobe/ect without any discussion. Nobody gives a shit about facts there any more, it's a leftist echochamber in any big sub. Every other post on politics or news was something anti-trump or negative about something or other. I just cant understand living life so angrily.

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I came here for a lot a of the same reasons. There is no room for holding a nuanced opinion on reddit much less rationally discussing that opinion without being called names, banned, or downvoted to hell. I consider myself left leaning on a lot of issues, I’m not pro-trump (but I’m not on the Trump hate bandwagon and don’t think he’s been that bad of a president and I’d rather him than Biden any day), I’m a gen z bisexual agnostic woman who’s pro-science, and there is no place for ME on reddit - that just goes to show how much of an extremist leftist communist shithole reddit has turned into.

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This is my scrolling experience browsing reddit

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Lol that’s my experience listening to NPR

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Most of the users are dumb high school and college kids, that's why liberalism is nuts there.

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Your comment was so refreshing to read! I also consider myself a leftist, but was becoming increasingly disgusted by the constant authleft woke drivel and rhetoric we’re bashed with, I feel like I can see through it to its political agenda. Yet others don’t seem to realize it. Also the constant Trump hate was getting overwhelming. A relative of mine and I spoke about this (the virtue signaling) and he flipped and accused me of being MAGA and told my family about it in an attempt to shame me for having these beliefs. It was insane

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I’m not conservative, and I’m probably on the opposite side of the spectrum from you in a lot of ways, but I find it hypocritical of Reddit to ban conservative and radical feminist subs yet allow degrading and violent porn subs as well as blatantly incel-type subs and posters to remain.
Situations like this will only make people on the left move to the right out of sheer disgust. I doubt, for example, your average American thinks teenaged kids should be able to surgically and chemically alter their genitalia... or that men should compete in women’s sports. I could be wrong, but who knows. The “left” that is taking over social media is NOT representative of many average everyday people who consider themselves left-leaning. They’re going to hurt their own “brand”, alienating women, alienating some white left-leaning voters, and gay people (who don’t want sex change operations) in the process.
I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I literally do feel targeted lately with the mainstream using the term “Karen” as a non stop insult while simultaneously using depictions of women in degrading and violent porn to increase their viewership. We’re fair game, it’s plain as day.

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We’re fair game, it’s plain as day.

This is well put and exactly right. It's obvious, and they're unabashed about it.

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Did you imply that you are a straight white male! 😮 You have my sympathies. I hope here you will find rational crowd who will value you as an individual. 🙏

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I agree, I don't know why I wasted so much time there arguing with people that just want to virtue signal and repeat the same meaningless rhetoric over and over without having real conversations. I'm hoping this site is a fresh start for actually exchanging ideas. It's ok to be white.

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You're right - in the most un-racist slogan way possible (bloody hell, here I am putting disclaimers on it, this is what they've done to me..) - it is ok to be white. I don't need to apologise for my perceived 'privilege', I don't need to be ashamed of who I am, or what people of the same skin colour may have done in generations gone by.

My opinions and debate is valid, regardless of my personal characteristics and if you seek to lessen my opinion on a topic because I'm white, I see that as a failure of your arguement.

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no one asks a Japanese child to apologize for Pearl Harbor, or a young Saudi Arabian to apologize for 9/11, nor should they. So why would it be any different for white people?

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It's a comfort to myself knowing some people are seeing this disingenuity too. Thanks.

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Mine didn't either, but all of my accounts got purged, and other users I know who are conservative or moderate and don't generally break rules were also purged.

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I wasn't even aware that accounts got purged.

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Yup. A few moderate / conservative users I know of are mysteriously suspended on their accounts and mine all got permanent suspension messages. Another user on here mentioned to me their accounts all got it too.

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Damn, maybe I needed to be "more" right wing to get noticed :P

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Yah, get on my level already.

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I kind of strayed away from Saidit for a while. I used other boards until Google Ads used their influence to censor them. I was on Voat for a bit until it basically became a white supremacist site. I told the mods there, yeah, I'm here for the free speech and everything, but I'm not going to have someone posting propaganda about how white people are superior and the master race. I felt the line needed to be drawn for that.

It's funny, reddit still has all kinds of crazy porn, but they delete any subreddit that basically tries to tell the truth about society or has any sort of humor. They know if they delete the porn, it's over. I kind of wish someone would call them out and end them for good. If they get any sort of criticism for porn, they will press the button and nuke the subreddits for it. It's over for them.

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The porn subs might also be useful to have dirt on users.

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Humour eh? That nice thing we used to have some years ago... Now Seinfeld is asked to tone it down and fawlty towers is getting censored. You just know we are in bad shape then..

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I've been listening to videos by John McWhorter and Douglass Murray, and both have reached the conclusion that woke leftness, which is very different from being a traditional liberal, has become a new religion -- without realizing that that's what it has become. I'd thought the same thing myself, so there seems to be convergence on that point. It's as though people who abandoned traditional religion still had a religious impulse onto which they grafted their version of social justice.

I'm a gay man, and I can remember when I used to be pretty far on the liberal end of the spectrum. The thing is, I haven't changed, but the goalposts have been moved so far so fast that I'm almost a conservative at this point. The woke lefties don't care if you have evidence or an argument. They just want to scream at you if they see you as a heretic. They don't seem to have any idea how vicious their behavior has become.

I don't need to live in a world where everyone agrees with me, validates me, or approves of me. You mind your business, and I'll mind mine.

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I don't need to live in a world where everyone agrees with me, validates me, or approves of me.

I hear you.. and even though we disagree on something, why can't we talk about it rationally person to person rather than damning someone for thinking differently? Disagreement is not a 'micro aggression' or whatever made up term they're giving it today.

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I can remember when I used to be pretty far on the liberal end of the spectrum. The thing is, I haven't changed, but the goalposts have been moved so far so fast that I'm almost a conservative at this point.

I feel exactly the same way.

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Moderatepolitics was great, I haven't looked around yet but I hope to see something like it here in time

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I am currently living in a very woke nordic country and it has gotten to a point i can't question or discuss anything that is not in the narrative. I can't talk to my wife, coworkers or even friends about anything that does not fit this femcentric socialist narrative. And now Reddit is in the final steps of becoming this echo chamber where all dissent is silenced and only selected views and opinions get to be voiced.

All i want is to be able to question things and formulate opinions through discussion.

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I don't want to have weeks on end of posts about sexual harassment and crap in there. All of a sudden every male player whose >looked sideways at a female is being slammed

Big lol, because that is a problem created by males, and if you don't like it more males should stand up against bullies instead of calling themselves "simps". Cry me a river about your victimhood, the bullying still is more evil than this poor innocent strawman you made here. Great that there are still women out there who enjoy computer games despite those fucking bullies, and males trying to cry "WoMeN AnD ThEiR ViCtIm CoMpLeXeS" when they just talk out about this phenomenon while crying for being such victims (ooH I cant even look at women any more) are hypocritical irrational weaklings.

Welcome to Saidit btw, where people are allowed to participate despite consenting opinions. Don't like mine? Accept it or go back to Reddit.

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Welcome exodus of GC subbers ;)

You're entitled your view.. I think a lot of people are to blame here - the men who are assholes to girls who game, anyone who assaults another person, the girls who cry rape for attention, the white knights who blindly defend them, and the morons that try to 'cancel' a computer game over the actions of a few.

My point was though that I don't actually care at all - I joined a gaming sub to talk about gaming. Whatever happens in peoples private lives is not what I'm there for.

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just put on ublock origins for when you browse reddit, they won't get a dime. the site is shit now though but I love r/psvr

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I hope it's what reddit should have been

you mean was. back in the day reddit was wide open. it was only when sodomite commies got emboldened that they showed their colors

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I hear what you're saying, I guess I've been on reddit around 7-8 years but struggle to remember the time when you could have a conservative view without getting bombarded or brigaded against on any post from /all

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oh definitely not since onigger got into office

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The obvious bias to the banning is what did it for me, that and the overall hive mind atmosphere of the site. Be a good little bot and don't question politically correct orthodoxy! Wear that fake smile, say nothing but positive things, and accept whatever banal shit someone shovels into a subreddit, without complaint or meaningful critique.

Over the years, Reddit had its edge blunted and its fresh ideas snuffed out. Here's to hoping this place provides both.

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I also play dota 2 and I feel the same way. The sub has gone to absolute shit, and a ton of the "allegations" are ridiculous. How is it rape if some guy, at a party, drunkenly grabs a woman's hand and pressures her for sex? Have these people never been to a party before? It's literally what drunken assholes do, calling some drunk a monster doesn't make you a civil rights hero, and it doesn't need to dominate a gaming subreddit for two weeks.
And then there's uproar over Valve not releasing some insincere BLM-Floyd statement, as if we need a corporate twitter account to assure us that everyone in a major tech company isn't a racist.
If I played more I would restart the sub here, since I LOATHE r/dota2 mods, but I feel like nu-dota isn't catering to my gaming demographic anymore. I can't play MOBAS casually

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But beside that, I play computer games for relaxation, I really don't care about players or casters and their private lives in any way.

Isn't it so frustrating when you enjoy something and you try to find like-minded people and all you get is whining over something that ultimately has nothing to do with the game/book/movie?

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You be you bro! Don’t feel bad for who you are or what you believe.

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None of mine were banned, either. But a bunch are quarantined... which doesn't matter that much, though it sucks that they've all had to enact stupid harsh censorship rules at the whim of reddit admins.

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I don't get why people are so mad about this. They were banned for a reason. If you're mad they got banned when they deserved it you're clearly a part of the problem. Yall fail to realize that "free speech" doesn't mean you can act that way

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They were banned for a reason.

The reason being that they challenged the ruling power structure.

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Exactly. Imagine a website where you can only discuss one political candidate, and the other one has their subs banned as well as any post about Donald downvoted. You cannot question their ideology. Reddit is a total shit hole.

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Their banning of RightwingLGBT and especially radical feminist subs like gendercritical tells me otherwise.

The left is eating itself, radical feminists are essentially leftists that disagree with the trans narrative, they support all the gay stuff and are pro LGB, so it tells me that Reddit considers any legitimate criticism or opposition of the trans movement, or acknowledging the reality that biologically male people can't be women as hate speech.

I am not a radical feminists and I disagree with them in a lot of things, but banning their subreddits because they are not woke enough? That tells me that reddit has crossed a big line.

All this tells me is that Reddit will not allow any wrongthink on their website.

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a couple of mine were before the hate speech rule was official I think. just warming up I'm guessing.

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THESIS: You gotta search and look for beauty thoroughly to find beauty. Usually beauty isn't found that easily on graveyards but it is even there.

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It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't censor you disagreeing with the hivemind. In the past you just got downvoted to the bottom.

Now though, your comment gets flagged and shadowbanned instantaneously through the grapevine on every sub these parasitic cunts have their grubby paws on.

I found out when I tried posting on a few different game subs and all of them got removed instantly with no notification because I posted on KiA2 twice. Now they're getting around to refining censoring you based on what you've upvoted in the past. Then you got the faggots using the leaning-bot to scour your post history to see which side you lean before they even want to reply to you. It's never going to end, pretty soon every sub will be like blackpeopletwitter and require skin color checks before you can participate.

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Entertainingly, Reddit’s only interested if you agree and are a minority. They’re totally fine with rape porn, but not with women standing up for themselves if we’re not prostrating before the almighty dick.

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Ravioli nigga penis

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None of my subs got banned. This is not the first time this kind of thing happens, but I've never seen it happen in such a short time period.The only way to get banned is if they manually check your account and ban you, which would mean they have a bot running on their server. They are not doing that.It is possible that some of your subs have been blocked by mistake, but if the reason for the block was something like "suspect duplicate content" or "suspect copyright violation," then this kind of thing should never happen. I would love to get 150 free spins in Canada now because one of my friends has suggested me that if I have to get rich I need to get free spins.